Friday, 23 June 2017

Dacre, May and the legitimisation of terrorism

I am ashamed to hold a British passport.  A year after the referendum, Theresa May has turned the United Kingdom into a vile object of derision.  A major, albeit declining economy, and the enabler of much of the Enlightenment is now a horrible place to live, embarrassing to admit to citizenship of, and heading for a self-inflicted catastrophe that arrogance and ignorance from a government with no authority and a leadership of fourth-rate, self-serving, corrupt narcissists will exacerbate rather than turn round.  What a time this is to be alive.

A country like this needs scapegoats.  I am proud to be a saboteur, a wrecker, an enemy of the people and a citizen of nowhere - all epithets freely bestowed upon those who dare to challenge the illegitimate and idiotic direction of government.  I cannot, along with millions of others, give up the essential optimism that civilisation and intelligence have some weight against the oncoming fascist storm, or that the elusive "will of the people" requires me to modify my views, or to refrain from engagement.  It is tempting, to watch the cretins and the vandals at play, to leave the field to them - but the knowledge that when the chickens return to roost they will turn on those who either failed to warn them or who warned them only too clearly requires, at least for self-respect, to challenge and to resist the hegemony of darkness.

This week has seen the failure of government to protect its citizens, and a spineless, patronising and totally inadequate response by our alleged Prime Minister.  In order to provide relief to those who survived an inferno, hundreds of frightened, dispossessed people, an aid package is announced that amounts to two-thirds of the money given to the stoat-like fascist Jacob Rees-Mogg to refurbish his ancestral home.  In the aftermath of an event that defines the social and political divide, May goes to visit the top brass of the fire service, not the heroic rank-and-file who will reek of smoke, death and proletarian outrage.

The leader of the council responsible for the building where the inferno took place, a Nick Paget-Brown, remains in post.  He claims he offered his resignation to the borough's Tory cabinet, but they refused to accept it - the rats and vermin that infest the modern municipal Conservative party would not wish to set a precedent for accepting that with power, inflated allowances and the potential for endless graft comes the obligation to take responsibility.  Across London, from Westminster to Barnet, the leaderships ,whose usually-undeclared aim of social cleansing and the privatisation of essential services is now glaringly apparent, must be quaking at the possibility that they may not be able to hide behind officers for much longer.

When political tectonics shift, as they do, those whose vested interests defend the existing order are upset.  The disgusting tactics of the Tories (which appear to be moving towards yet another criminal investigation for electoral malpractice, even before the 2015 prosecution is concluded) have created the legitimisation of fascist mob rule that is expressed in every slavering excretion from the orifices of the Daily Mail.  Paul Dacre, who, in self-awareness constantly bandies the "c" word around his playpen, would, in a decent world, be arraigned for incitement and seditious libel.  Instead he is feted by the Tories and allowed to ride rampant over any ethics or honesty.

Dacre and his rag are part of the fatwa culture that provides far right extremists with their pseudo-justification.  Last weekend's terrorist attack on people returning from a mosque is the logical culmination of a long and dishonourable road to normalising hatred.  Over the past decade, Dacre has presided over a coarsening and deliberate degradation of journalism - identified alongside his even more uncouth comrades at the Scum for hate speech - and acting as an unelectable tribune that encourages demonisation and targeting of groups who are both minorities and vulnerable.  Over the last year he has crossed the line from being a skilful, far right propagandist to the position of caliph for the fascist minority.

The far right, as Dacre epitomises, are frightened.  What they are unleashing is on a scale that they cannot control, and threatens both their legitimacy and their hegemony.  Their apologia for the Finsbury Park terrorist was that he was "self-radicalised" - whereas in the case of the equally vile Islamist terrorists they suggest that there is something wrong with all adherents of that faith and all those who are part of the Muslim community.  He is desperately hoping that this solecism is not identified - as the legacy of a year of vilification may not be that his enemies are routed but that we turn on his evil empire.

When the Guardian published a provocative, but pertinent cartoon on Tuesday, pointing out the potential connections between right wing media outlets and the motivations of a terrorist murderer, Dacre lost his rag in public.  A bizarre "editorial" attacked the paper for its temerity in questioning the impact of the Daily Blackshirt on creating and legitimising the far right's entitlement, based on lies and half-truths that would make Goebbels blush.  Dacre lied about his links to Mail Online, probably because it continues to use the idiot Katie Hopkins to spread racist, ignorant bile and have not even had the grace to sack her for a constant parade of incitement, lies and sedition.  For a man whose organ has attempted to stifle the rule of law and to create the Poujadist equivalent of Sharia law, this is a depth of stupidity that suggests that the rat might finally be cornered.

Meanwhile, his grip is loosening.  May and Davis are now facing up to the fact that the European Union now holds all the cards, and that over the summer whatever English hubris remains will be deflated.  A government with no majority, so that its legislative programme is as limp and flaccid as its moral compass, has yet, two weeks on, to do a deal with the flat-earth dinosaurs of the Democratic Unionist Party, at the same time as its arrogance destroys the Good Friday agreement.  Hardly a great advertisement for the right - even before its stumbling, pathetic response to an avoidable disaster.

Britain desperately needs a break - and whenever one thinks that the darkest hour has come a new form of immolation emerges.  May, Dacre, Johnson and others are all scrapings from the bottom of the same septic tank, and the nations are crying out for leadership.  A British Macron is required - or at least the conditions for a break from tribal politics.  That is what Dacre and his scummy cohorts fear - a genuine reform of politics where their vested interests are given appropriate weight before being ignored.  The darkness we are now enduring might, with appropriate direction, lead to a realisation that power is achieved through citizen consent and engagement, and a revolution that turns out the hypocrites and hate-mongers that May and Dacre now represent.

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