Saturday, 10 June 2017

A crisis deteriorating to catastrophe

Considered judgement is likely to be in short supply at the moment.  May, continuing the Tory tradition of putting narrow political advantage first, is squatting in Downing Street like the toad she is, hoping for something to turn up.  Her only potential allies are formed of throwbacks who would Oliver Cromwell and Matthew Hopkins (no relation) blush and reach for the Molotov Cocktails, and her internal defenders are the likes of Iain Duncan Smith, who is a the embodiment of disproving Lyndon Johnson's maxim about tents.

There was a grim satisfaction in the unravelling of her delusions and hubris as the election results rolled in - and in the bursting of the bubble of her followers and controllers.  When the first night of decent sleep afterwards has been completed, the situation looks even bleaker than before her bleating of "strong and stable" echoed throughout the land.  We are now being ruled by a lobotomised sheep who is entirely at the mercy of events.  A prisoner now of the hard right, the religious lunatics and every single-issue fruitcake, she has neither the wit nor the dignity to realise that her one honourable route out was to resign and to contemplate the disaster she has precipitated from the backbenches.

From May 2015, the country has been hostage to the internal disfunction of the Conservative Party.  Cameron appeased the zombie right with a referendum that he assumed would put the issue to bed, and then disappeared into the orifices of corporate wealth, leaving the field to an ever-deteriorating pool of self-seeking inadequates.  May's election fiasco is the logical culmination of a process that has failed to engage with reality, preferring instead to continue the fiction that only the views of a narrow plutocracy and net-curtain  twitchers define the future of the nations.

There is only slight consolation from being right.  From the moment that the referendum result came in, there are many of us who have been questioning the impact on the Anglo-Irish Agreement.  In copulating with the diabolic forms of the DUP it is quite clear that the English Tories do not have the slightest clue as to what they are risking.  Even Rape Clause Ruth is furiously distancing her gang of opportunist chancers from the emerging ordure/fan interface, promoting the delicious irony that relative Tory success in Scotland will result in a schism within the spiv monobrows.  May consorting with terrorist and apartheid apologists is so far removed from "strong and stable" to be risible were it not so dangerous.

Despite being given what amounts to two fingers and a clear warning, May continues to maintain her internal dialogue rather than look outwards.  Her justification that this is to "protect" negotiations with the European Union is delusional to the point of insanity.  The mood for politics is set by the immediate aftermath of an election - Cameron seized the initiative to shaft Clegg but appeared to recognise his failings.  May, instead, carried on regardless despite failing in almost all of her objectives at the start of the election campaign.  This is not the behaviour of anyone capable of running a tombola stall at the church fete, let alone a bank account without a counter-signatory.

Opponents are, sensibly, not sticking any part of their anatomy over the parapet.  In desperation, May gambles with higher and higher stakes.  Her new found vigilante friends are under investigation for money-laundering during the Leave campaign - and senior Tories (including an undistinguished MP) are subject to criminal proceedings around the last election.  It is not beyond the bounds of possibility that similar potential malpractice will emerge from this inept and immoral campaign.  From a personal survival angle, this is sensible - but the nations' interests need to be defended.

May has never seemed either capable or credible as a Minister, let alone occupant of Downing Street. Her continuation there will further undermine the standing and influence of the nation - although it will provide much amusement for those whose democratic and intellectual credentials are stronger.  She is creating a failed state, and at some stage salvation will either have to be delivered from within or the humiliation of seeking protection from outside will become necessary.  It is no longer a matter of party but of humanity to plan for the day when her contradictions and incapacity cause the collapse of the remaining order.  The long-term consequences of her arrogance have the potential to dwarf any previous national catastrophe - and they could all have been avoided.

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