Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The last gasps of British democracy?

When George Osborne gets it right, the world is heading to perdition.  Theresa May's lies, arrogance and contempt are only now becoming clearer - the moronic repetition of "strong and stable" does not provide anything more than ratification of the hypothesis that she is a dictator, a serial fantasist and totally unfit to hold public office.

In calling a General Election, after her constant refusal to contemplate such an event, her cheer-leaders, sycophants and controllers are making a naked bid for dictatorship.  Untrustworthy, frightened of the people to the extent that her grand tour of Great Britain is choreographed and the general public excluded, the May bandwagon is not based on any respect for democracy, or even the sovereignty of the people.

With around 30 of the lacklustre and amoral Tories under investigation for what is already clearly systematic electoral malpractice in 2015, it is hardly surprising that sweeping bad news under the carpet, as well as exploiting Labour's continued self-destruction, appeals to a woman whose morals are those of a particularly dissipated alley-cat.  Her appropriation of patriotism, her despicable misinterpretation of Christianity and her inability to recognise that power only resides in existing structures through consent are irresponsible and criminally negligent.

Revelations keep emerging - her husband's propriety, alongside that of many of her braying backbenchers, is under question as to whether they now have a vested interest in securing the most catastrophic and most comprehensively stupid outcome from discussions with the European Union.  The possible hidden bankrolling of the Tories' 2010 campaign by HSBC is also an area which the media seem to be tiptoeing round, rather than following their instincts.

The cult of leadership, right or wrong, is appealing, especially to those who recognise that the "will of the people" is likely to come crashing down around their ears.  May appropriates the language of fascism with the political practices of a Mugabe or a communist satrap of the 1970s, photo-opportunities and a desire to change the people.  Her pathetic mewling about "lending" the Tories a vote shows how debased and craven she is - if she were a genuine Tory she would be prepared to bribe, but the cupboard is bare and even the structures in hock, and the impact of her European non-strategy will make things even worse in years to come.

Her loyal lapdogs will bark, as barking is their vocation.  If I see the duplicitous liar Ruth Davidson, whose inactivity on behalf of Scotland's interests has been documented comprehensively, extolling the rape clause and the dismantling of trade and cultural links once more it would be much less surprising than a Tory attempt to engage with anything other than the interest groups.

Corbyn continues to astound - open goals are ignored, and he continues to play to her agenda.  Having handed her the keys to Brexit, he then supports her re-election bid by playing along with her apparently-haughty, but fear-driven refusal to debate with other party leaders.  He is an enigma, but should be confined to his allotment rather than being complicit in the destruction of what was left of the rule of law.  The only hope is local activism and collaboration, which shows some signs of working, but it is probably too late.  It is to be hoped that whatever optimism there is does not get dashed by a failure to recognise that this unnecessary General Election is a precursor to authoritarianism.

May is no one-nation Tory.  She is no Thatcher, either.  Increasingly her role model feels more like Putin.  Her feet of clay, her fear of debate and challenge and her rebarbative personality need to be called out, and as much of the media has been subverted it will be up to citizens to do this.  Untrammelled, she will cause a revolution through oppression.  This is not an outcome anyone outside her little bubble will want.

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