Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Madness, Mayhem and April idiots

When Theresa May finally launched the death rattle of the United Kingdom, it seemed axiomatic that the march of moronism would continue.  For the last nine months, it has been clear that the fascists, the cretins and the traitors are now in control - and that their insecurity, inadequacy and downright ignorance would prevail for a time.  Incoherent catastrophe has been the order of the day, with everyone unprepared to support catastrophism marginalised and vilified as an "enemy within".

The stupidity of the current administration now borders on the criminal.  While Liam Fox is off greasing up to the President of the Philippines, a man whose respect for the process of law is clearly an exemplar to the snivelling droolers who make up May's retinue, we have the undead patrolling the world.  An ironist could not better today's Murdoch-dictated "Up Yours Senors" (incidentally left off the Scottish edition of the Scum) underneath a cheap holiday offer for the monobrowed to enjoy a trip to Spain uncluttered by any manifestation of local culture or interaction.  They could not make up the sight of Howard threatening a NATO partner with invasion.  They could not imagine the sheer stupidity of an administration that is now, when faced with the reality of being marginalised, completely clueless.

For several years, both before and after the 2010 election, many reasonable people from the centre-right leftwards assumed that Cameron had recognised that the incontinent racism and cluelessness of the Tory Party needed to be overhauled.  What is now blindingly obvious, except to the tribal idiots of Labour, is that the only reason that Cameron's first administration did not collapse into general riot and social confusion was the Coalition and the requirement not to provoke the Liberal Democrats into  walking out.  With 20/20 hindsight, they should have walked in 2011, but in tempering the vileness of the current Tory kleptocracy Clegg both mitigated and, unfortunately,  vindicated Cameron's attempt to smear varnish over the Tory beast within.

May's usurpation of power has been complete, without legitimacy or mandate.  Labour's self-indulgent, introverted tribalism has supported this - an opposition to the lunacy and sectional self-interest of the oligarchs and Little Englanders is the least that anyone should have expected.  Instead we have  Corbyn and his armchair acolytes actively conniving against the interests of the wider community, and being rewarded with opinion poll ratings that are generous in the light of their passivity, cupidity and rank denial of any obligation to challenge the march of dictatorship.

In a week, Britain has been transformed from a country pursuing a suicidal policy to a laughing-stock, international pariah and failed state.  The Tories are reduced to attacking the Scots, the Irish and the Spanish, as they have no legitimacy or rational argument to put forward that makes their case valid.  Their cheer-leaders in the press become both more repugnant and more hysterical as it becomes clear how far they have abetted the process that will lead both to the economic ruin and the destruction of the sectional interests for which they regard May as an acceptable ventriloquist's dummy - think a combination of Sooty and Nigel Farage.

The word is treachery.  There is no reason to support the legitimacy of the clowns, oligarchs and canting right-wing unemployable dribblers (think Melanie Phillips, think Isabel Oakeshott - a verb beyond their palette of chlorophyll) - and to work to rescue what can be saved for the future.  In the next three months, May's hubris and smugness will be derailed.  It will be a cause for celebration, as the destruction of the idiocy and cupidity coincides with a realisation of the need for a fundamental upsetting of the existing orthodoxy.  When those useful idiots, the fodder and the victims, realise how much they have been played, the consequences will be ugly - the task will be to make sure that May, Murdoch, Dacre and the fellow-travelling far right are the subject of whatever form of rancour and retribution is appropriate.

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