Sunday, 26 March 2017

May's idiocy signalling and her doomed voyage.

Entrepreneurs may find a market in Theresa May dog chews.  Those who remember Spitting Image and their latex Thatcher have an inkling of the catharsis that this would provide both dogs and their owners - in a country being systematically pillaged by a frightened, inadequate leader and her shadowy controllers a diversion for canine pleasure might have both more credibility and integrity as a national figurehead than a shrill, divisive, third-rate charlatan.

Given the apparent Tory dominance in England, May's turpitude may seem to be a paradox.  Surely she is a colossus of the political landscape?  Surely her mandate and her writ extend to a breadth that would cause Nelson Mandela to gasp in admiration?  Surely she has tapped into the popular conscience and the depth of deficiency in the polity of the British Isles to an extent where opposition is futile and where those who doubt are the insane and the depraved, to be hounded out and ridiculed?

Last week, the ongoing global terrorist wave visited  England.  From the hand-wringing and sanctimonious piffle being spread around by a compliant media sector, you would consider this an outrage unparalleled.  This evil act was no more, or less, odious than others where innocent blood is spilled.  Less than a year ago, a right-wing terrorist killed an MP.  From the virtue signals from the echoing cretins who lap up May's false piety, the undertones of unacceptable fascism need to be drowned out by the false patriotism shrieks.  Innocents have been killed, there have been acts of heroism and self-sacrifice.  My abiding image of May is of her being spirited away from the centre of the action as if her worth is somehow more than those of the citizens she oppresses.

May's manipulative dominance of events extended further.   From the majority of broadcast media yesterday, the interested citizen could have been forgiven for not noting a massive pro-European event in London and its sister in Edinburgh.  The agenda was set instead by the defection of the defective Douglas Carswell (again) - and the reaction from pound-shop fascists Arron Banks and Nigel Farage.  While the splits in UKIP are amusing, and resemble the spewing maw into which their National Front and BNP ancestors descended, 100,000 people actively challenging and celebrating their right to dissent from an alleged consensus should be more than a footnote on the BBC website below self-promotion of some idiocy entitled "Carpool Karaoke".  I, and I suspect many others, will expect a typical fobbing-off to complaints raised thereupon.

The narrative of power that May seeks to present is illusory.  With the Conservative Party's cupidity, dishonesty and downright corruption fined by the Electoral Commission, scrutinised by multiple police forces and the Crown Prosecution Service, she is sitting on a dishonest majority, secured through subversion and criminality.  Other parties are not spotless, but this is the kind of stain that should, were more journalists and editors prepared to act in the public interest, be seen to be spreading its contagion.  She is a squatter, not a Prime Minister.

Not that this is recognisable in the context of the laudatory sycophancy of the BBC.  In half a decade, its news and current affairs has become unrecognisable.  The constant parade of UKIP,  the Tory lunatic fringe and the egotism and obvious bias of such scions as Andrew Marr, Andrew Neil, David Dimbleby and John Humphreys, coupled with the official spokesman status of the risible Laura Kuenssberg, is all symptomatic of a state broadcaster relieved of any aspiration to represent a public service rather than acting as a cross between Pravda and soma. The overwhelming tone of the BBC's coverage of events is irresponsible Panglossianism, pretending that there is no dissent, no alternative and that the huge risks to Ireland and Scotland are locals being uppity against their self-styled betters.

This week, May will reach the apex of her power.  She will set her idiotic legacy in motion - and then the combination of returning chickens and the Tory/fan interface will become very messy.  Juncker, Tusk, Verhofstadt and others have analysed her pride, hubris and ignorance to perfection.  The price of stupidity and blind arrogance will be fiscally and reputationally enormous - all presided over by someone who is unpleasant, selfish and incapable of the role to which her cupidity has led her.  She does not deserve respect or loyalty.  She is disturbed beyond belief, and her crimes will haunt her.  By then, her toxic legacy will have destroyed all her adherents and her professed, but mendacious, commitment to the Union and the people.  If this isn't treasonable, it is hard to define what would be.

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