Thursday, 16 March 2017

Madame May: Gravedigger of the Union

Trotsky called Stalin the "gravedigger of the revolution:.  The Maidenhead Ghoul's vile amalgam of Thatcherism, Hitlerism and Stalinism has been on full display, a vicious lashing-out at Scotland as another dog-whistle racism designed to appeal to her echoing troglodytes as the desperately flails in the cesspit of incompetence revealed by Davis and the ongoing criminal investigation into the Tory Party's corruption of the 2015 General Election.

Poundshop Maggie's attempts to slap down the upstart natives are doomed from the start.  She is not a legitimately-elected leader, and the government over which she presides was inflicted upon the formerly-United Kingdom through its constitutional inadequacies.  She constantly arrogates to her coterie the powers rightfully exercised by the judiciary and the legislature - haughtily defining her "will of the people" which has more to do with a post-death disposition of assets than any definable expression of the national interest.

The parade of malice, mendacity and incompetence that her alleged government has spewed this week makes the worst experiences of the Major and Blair years seem to be epitomes of competence and accountability.  Davis, in admitting that his overpaid and understaffed department does not understand or define the consequences of the likely dash over the cliff when the EU fails to agree to the fantasy of British entitlement, merely confirms his true purpose and his ignorance.  It is disgusting, but predictable.

It would be a fool who expects Philip Hammond to remain in office for much longer - probably supplanted by Boris or "Sir" Philip Green as exemplars of fiscal probity.  Whatever the rights and wrongs of his Budget proposals, the Imelda Marcos of Berkshire hung him out to dry when her paymasters and manipulators in the media got their teeth into him - preferring to side with the idiots and illiterates.  This is on top of the economic catastrophe that awaits, lurking even in the caution of the Monetary Policy Committee and its forecasts of inflationary depression.

Add to this the Electoral Commission's record, but pathetic, fine meted out to the Tories for their conduct of a repugnant campaign two years ago.  Even if there are only a relatively small number of their spavined, grasping backbenchers prosecuted there is a reasonable supposition that many more will be uncrossing their legs and changing their underwear.  This gives the impression of a party that gained power corruptly, and is in effect squatting having usurped the machinery of government illegitimately.

Against this background, being wrong-footed by a skilful politician like Nicola Sturgeon must have rankled.  May is inadequate and deluded, and this will have rankled even more as it comes from a part of the country which is so hostile to Tories that the rancid Ruth Davidson and the disgusting David Mundell are their primary orifices to spew the forelock-tugging acquiescence in a plutocratic nightmare.  May managed to emulate the still, lamentably, extant Michael Howard's response to Paxman in her cretinous mantra denying the legitimacy of any Scottish Parliament request for a referendum.

Leaving aside the grotesque hypocrisy of deploying all the same arguments against any new Scottish referendum that were used by the pro-EU side of last year's referendum, this is not smart politics.  Whether or not there is a referendum before the lunatics dismantle the economy and society across the country becomes moot.  It shifts the debate onto the legitimacy of the state and the operation of an oppressive and coercive regime - and makes May look like the authoritarian maven that she is.  This plays into the SNP's strengths, and will make many, like me, who are not natural SNP supporters, partisans to escape a colonial yoke.  I shall return in more detail to this imminently.

As the final acts of fascist folly enact themselves, May will be shrill, stupid and mendacious, as she has been throughout her coup.  Defenestrating her may come from many angles, but she has shown no ability to govern, to engage or to recognise political ambushes when they are lurking.  More are round the corner, and the arrogance of her position will ultimately unravel - the Union and the last vestiges of the Imperial delusion will fall away.  The revolution will come on the back of the Tory Stalinists being exposed and toppled.  It is to be hoped that it will not come on the back of a bloodbath.

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