Monday, 16 January 2017

The Tory death cult

The idea that Monday 16th January is the most depressing that 2017 could bring is laughable.  This week sees the inauguration of an illegitimate regime in the United States, which is an issue that should cause people to cower in their caves, and a speech by Theresa May on her alleged "strategy" for removing the United Kingdom from the European Union.  Both of these events are much more depressing than anything ever dreamed up to sell holidays.

Leaving Trump aside, which is a matter of languorous contemplation, the illegitimate Prime Minister has not exactly covered herself in glory over the last month.  Her idiotic parroting of slogan-based politics has now been joined by a message that "unity" is now required.  It is the kind of hollow platitude that one might expect from a politician who, when faced with an English NHS crisis and existential threats to the state that she purports to lead, prefers to continue her ridiculous obsession with clothes and image by appearing on the front cover of an American fashion magazine.  Truly the heir to Imelda Marcos, without the charm.

"Unity" as a concept is clearly only being targeted as far as the fringes of the Tory party.  The rest of us are meant to shut up and allow the vandals and wreckers to tear the heart out of economy, society and what passes for representative democracy.  May, a prisoner of her own personal inadequacy and a party that is drifting into the abyss of fascism, claims she is governing for the whole of Britain.  The technical term for this is unprintable.

Without effective opposition, she has assumed that she can achieve a Tory hegemony.  Being realistic, she has never been anything other than a tribalist traitor, and the delusions that a few peddled around the time of her coup were nothing more than diversionary tactics.  Hitler and Mussolini pretended to be interested in society, while at the same time running both a capitalist hegemony and dismantling the state.  The Tories can claim that they are not doing the same, but it is hard not to draw parallels with their vile subversion of the constitution and the windy, racist rhetoric they are not merely giving tacit approval to but promoting.

When the Supreme Court opines on the legality of bypassing an imperfect Parliament, it will be fascinating.  If there is support for the devolved nations and the evolving constitution then this is a nail in the coffin of the one-party state, and the springboard for what could turn out to be the unravelling of the Tory illusion.  A party without an electoral mandate spreading its ordure into spaces where it has minimal, if any, legitimacy, is a party that is preparing the way for constitutional upheaval that may not pave the way for their hegemony.  Disobedience, secession and reform are rather less distant than the militant fascist dribblers would have you believe.

So far, May has been protected by delusion and inertia.  An economy evidently overheating, running on consumer credit, is being matched by inflation only partly driven by May's criminally-irresponsible approach to the exchange rate.  Given the income inequalities that they promote wage inflation and industrial unrest will go hand in hand with unemployment and insecurity - all of which will be harder to cope with as the structures of the economy unwind.  May's delusion of the power balance between the traitors and the EU will unravel.  By the end of the year, the howling of the conned and the dispossessed will come back to haunt them.

It is hard to see cause for optimism at the moment for the UK, merely for its constituent nations.  In the absence of Corbyn, whose knuckle-headed response appears to be designed to appease UKIP on one issue alone, there is limited national opposition.  Instead, there may be gains from working in Scotland, Northern Ireland and those parts of England and Wales where there is a strong residual approach, while waiting for Labour to lead rather than follow.  May's appeasement of hardline unionism may help any short-term Commons manoeuvres, but it will not deliver stability.  She is a wrecker and a lunatic, and does not deserve respect or loyalty.  Whatever the details as to how the disaster unfolds, the blame needs to be pinned on an egocentric clothes-horse whose amorality and insincerity are making me warm to Tony Blair.

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