Monday, 5 December 2016

The road to dictatorship - British style

Theresa May is descending into dictatorship.  Her euphonious adoption of totalitarian tropes such as "will of the people" and "Team UK" betrays her inability to recognise either the flawed representative democracy or the dangers of the right-wing linguistic mire she connived with to secure her elevation to office.  Those, including the alleged leader of the soi-disant official opposition, who connive with her are emulating the nationalists and conservatives who delivered Hitler his Enabling Act in March 1933.  They awoke to the reality before they were exiled or shot.

May's disgusting progress needs to be seen in the context of the venal authoritarians of the last few decades.  Crony capitalism, against a populist rhetoric is the stuff of Peronism, and the cynical manipulation of media and the apostrophising of the free market is similar to the evils that underpinned Pinochet's Chile.  She uses the same phraseology that Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin adopted - none of them, like May, legitimate representatives of a democratic system.  The natural response of the autocrat is to either assimilate or to persecute.

At present, the Tories are running scared of the Supreme Court upholding the rule of law.  Despite the hysteria from May and others that the legal challenge is against the referendum result, those capable of rational thought and inductive reasoning (which does not include the fascists and Nazis of the right-wing, offshore-owned press) can determine that it is focused on the arbitrary abuse of executive power and the unravelling of citizens' rights enshrined in the erratic modernisation of the UK constitution.  Hardly surprising that there has been a cacophony of dunces denouncing the Supreme Court judges as an elite and undermining the integrity of the overall legal system, dribbling without even awareness of the irony that "taking back control" does not imply its immediate destruction.

May then abuses the opposition.  After the rejection of her crony and her policies at the Richmond by-election she uses her deluded messianism to suggest that any party to oppose her in Parliament is frustrating the "will of the people" that only she can embody.  This is narcissistic treason, and nothing less.  The racists and fascists who cheer her on want to shut down debate, knowing that they would lose to rationalism.  May fans the flames.  She is a clear and present danger.

There has been no condemnation of the abuse by the right or the increase in hate crimes.  There has been silence from Liz Truss, supposedly the Lord Chancellor and supposedly responsible for upholding the independence and status of the judiciary, to the extent that the Supreme Court this morning had to condemn the climate of intimidation and threats that the lapdog press and boneheaded pseudo-politicians has unleashed.  The route to the breakdown of legitimate authority is sick and clear.

May has no mandate, no real majority and is relying on paralysis to confirm that the dictatorship of net-curtain twitching Poujadism is enshrined.  It is ironic that her personal style appears to be based on a bizarre mixture of Imelda Marcos and Elena Ceaucescu, while her politics increasingly resemble an unattractive hybrid of their unlamented husbands'.  She should, however, consider, that in neither case did this end well.

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