Friday, 16 December 2016

Lies, contradictions and the Tory implosion

For those whose considered opinion was that the vote to leave the European Union would usher in a perpetual state of paralysed crisis, there is no satisfaction in recording the symptoms.  From a government elected on dubious premises in a corrupt and undemocratic system, which used its position to destroy the nation in the spurious pursuit of party unity, this is unsurprising.  The speed with which May has demonstrated both arrogance, incompetence and the forked tongue of the far right is even faster than could have been imagined six months ago.

May's cluelessness is fascinating to watch.  She clearly considers that the role of Prime Minister defines her, without the need to recognise either the dubious mandate upon which she operates or the requirement not merely to repeat moronic mantras about Brexit's definition but to set out some form of strategic direction.  With a front bench full of chancers, charlatans and the borderline criminal, the rot has set in from the top.

It is instructive to consider the differences between a modern legislature and what passes for debate in Westminster.  Whatever one's default opinion, discussions around taxation and spending take place in public in Scotland, and conclusions differ.  Such is the reality of devolution and the drift to self-determination, which is doubtless why the Scottish Tories are sounding like May's echo-chamber and have surrendered the capacity for independent thought and action - a futile tactic as the most recent examples of Tory success have come from distancing themselves from the amoral spivs who dominate the British party.

As a typical example of the current drift into anarchy, May's resort to the bread and circuses school of events management is instructive.  Rather than engage and provide an honest response that recognised the complexity and sheer unpreparedness of the state machinery to respond to the referendum result, and managing the expectations of her slavering followers, there has been denial and accusation.  The enemy within is now those who dare to challenge her narrative, especially with the experience and the long view that both predicted and wished to avoid the current fiasco.

Vainglorious, she goes on peddling the myth that there is some magic bullet that fixes the economy and society - where there is a nirvana of low taxes, high quality public services for those who "deserve" it, and where whichever group is marked out for obloquy is hunted down, abused, and, eventually, killed off.  The illogic of the concept is never exposed - the viability of a shrinking economy, low taxes and the expectations of the citizenry ever to coalesce is a question which, if raised, borders on the treasonable.

2016 has seen the two worst Prime Ministers of my lifetime in office, but not in power.  May is now facing a reckoning where the weakness of the UK government internally and externally will be exposed and ridiculed.  For every foolish posture adopted by the risible trio of mendacious opportunists charged by May with leading the suicide, there will be a reaction of monstrous asymmetry, and the humiliation of the UK will be persistent and endemic.  In that situation all she will be able to offer is shooting the messenger and rhetoric void of content and morality.  To think that a once-great power is dying with this particular whimper is a depressing note to end on, but it is hard to contemplate an up-side.

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