Thursday, 24 November 2016

May fiddles while Britain implodes

Almost feeling sorry for Philip Hammond demonstrates the depths of the pit the formerly United Kingdom has dug itself into.  Presenting an Autumn Statement the day that a home-grown fascist terrorist was jailed he managed simultaneously to demonstrate that the last six years' austerity have failed and that the destructiveness that Brexit brings is incalculable and damaging.  Then to be excoriated by the vile fascist apologist tag-team of John Redwood and Jacob Rees-Mogg.  You do wonder why a smug plutocrat like Hammond bothers getting out of his Surrey bed in the morning.

The judge's summing-up and sentencing of the Nazi Mair was a masterpiece in terms of the rule of law and civilised values.  Political murder by a right-wing ultra is terrorism and needs no euphemisms.  It is too much to hope that the scummy rabble-rousing of the right-wing press is self-policed; the duty of concerned citizens is to keep the pressure and the exposure of the moral stench from the press in the forefront, and to call out the trolls, fascist apologists and inciters.  Every week where the norm is defined by Paul Dacre, Tony Gallagher and Melanie Phillips is one too many for the triumphal scum.  They will deny that their spittle-flecked bile had anything to do with the murder, but they have created a climate of accusation, vilification and disgust that legitimises even the most heinous act.  They are beneath contempt and should not be given any quarter.

As for Hammond, the same kind of cretinous self-entitled creeps have been out for his blood since his scepticism about the impossibility of delivering even a thousandth of the lies and fantasy of the Leave campaigners has been clear.  The forecast of slower growth, uncertainty and inflation that underpinned Treasury numbers was, as with anything in this era of incompetence, arrogance and uncertainty, subject to even more uncertainty than usual, but it was probably on the optimistic side of measured.  This is not treason, this is reason.

To hear David Gauke admitting that the fiscal targets would have been met without the threat of Brexit impacts is telling, and admitting that the current course of policy is totally abhorrent to any rational definition of the national interest.  On the day that at least some closure was given following the logical culmination of the incitement that Farage and his apologists let loose, it is typical that no attention is being given to the destruction of the country by May and her useless idiots.  At some stage I shall return to the theme of opposition, but in the absence of any response from Corbyn and McDonnell that is anything beyond opportunist cant, it merely implies that we are living through a period where omnishambles transitions to a state where the first two syllables are "cluster" and the third relates to fornication.

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