Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The criminals have taken over the asylum

Being identified as a traitor by such patriotic fascist fellow-travellers as the Daily Mail and the Daily Express is a life-affirming experience.  The pathetic parade of incompetence, malice and total dishonesty that they evince in their Tory clients is less so, albeit predictable as the reality of the national folly that has been unleashed becomes apparent.

The breathtaking hypocrisy of Paul Dacre, the foul-mouthed, EU-funded overlord of the tax-avoiding Rothermere's cut-price toilet paper is so glaringly obvious not to require comment.  In the context of the bile-fuelled abuse being legitimised by his newspaper it is less so, as the tone and approach suggests a combination of Julius Streicher and the Salem witch trials.  For an organ that is read by people who purport to be respectable, the Heil is a nasty, depraved perversion of what a newspaper should be.  It is to be hoped that many others will join me in complaining to the toothless IPSO, if only to make the point.

The farrago of criminal lunatics that comprises much of the Maidenhead Mussolini's cabinet are in thrall to the Murdochs and Rothermeres of this world - not accountable to the citizens of this decaying country.  Their behaviour is despicable, their toadying backbenchers and ignorant rebuttals of the rule of law should be called out.  As it is, the headlong rush into lunacy is being presided over by those both too venal and too self-obsessed to realise their duty is to govern the country, not unleash lynch mobs.

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