Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Goldsmith, Johnson and the parade of liars

Whenever my cynicism needs a top-up, the contemporary Conservative Party can be relied upon to deliver the goods.  Yesterday's third-time lucky announcement that Heathrow Airport is to be the preferred site for expanded air transport in South-East England was hailed by the inconsistent and illegitimate Prime Minister as demonstrating that the country remains "open for business", simultaneously with further announcements from industry and finance that it will be seeking to protect themselves by moving offshore.  Consistency doesn't appear to be May's strong point.

The damage being inflicted by the lunatics and traitors is irreversible, but I suspect things will have to get worse before they get better.  May's inconsistency over everything from Heathrow expansion to her assumption of the Mussolini mantle in Birmingham last month is risible, and even someone as bizarrely detached as Jeremy Corbyn appears to have worked out that the lack of a plan is a suitable attack on an amoral, grasping and entirely seditious government.  Taking his cue from Nicola Sturgeon, whose well-aimed barbs as the complete lack of plans and ineptitude of the current squatters in Whitehall, I think if I were Baldrick I would sue.

From a transport policy perspective, there is much more to say about airport expansion.  What it has shown up is the incoherence and mendacity at the top of the government.  Johnson is on record as having claimed he would resign his seat if Heathrow were to be the preferred choice, instead he provides his usual incoherent bumbling doublethink - doubtless going back to work out how he can always have been in favour of airport expansion and that the decision was one in which he was able to flip-flop faster than ever before.

After his disgusting, racist and corrupt (not to mention failed) campaign for the London Mayorality, Zac Goldsmith is living up to his reputation.  Publicity-seeking, another self-declared iconoclast, he nevertheless assumes that he will be the automatic darling of the Green lobby for opposing one project, while simultaneously fellow-travelling with all the rest.  The vileness and ego of the man need to be tempered.

Obviously, the lies that May spins are the most odious.  The Tories are in effect unable to defend their own policies, standing aside for Goldsmith in the by-election he has triggered to achieve more obloquy.  This is actually good news, as it means that the campaign will be about the candidate best placed to represent constituents.  The irony is that it might result in the momentum that Witney unleashed being maintained - as Goldsmith and his voters were estranged on Europe in June, and doubtless with the affluence threatened by the crassness of his erstwhile colleagues they may be less forgiving.

The opposition needs to coalesce here, and take the fight to May's backyard.  There is dishonesty, there is chicanery and there is rebarbative idiocy stalking the land.  The English polity needs to demonstrate that it has the wit to use this gift to send both a message to May and a rejection of everything that Goldsmith has ever claimed to stand for and proved wanting around.  Lies, privilege and arrogance need to be given a clear rejection.

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