Saturday, 15 October 2016

Farewell to the Brexiteers' honeymoon

When it is clear that sterling is to be replaced by Marmite as a reserve currency, the problem becomes  how to avoid the sins of the Brexit lunatics.  Virtually everything that the more thinking advocates of Remain put forward as risks are crystallising, and there remains a vacancy in government which no amount of right-wing rhetoric and third-rate demagoguery can patch up.

For the tin-eared partisans, this is proving far too much to cope with.  They cannot cope with any argument that comes with more than one clause, or with the concept of time and the interdependency of the choices made.  Therefore to see the fascist-tinged press calling for the head of the Governor of the Bank of England, whose eloquent encapsulation of the economic folly launched on the country was moderate in tone and nuanced, demonstrates that their case is failing, and that they will resort to the totalitarian in order to maintain their control, and damn the fate of the plebs and serfs whose credulity was manipulated (for any Brexiter reading this that was laced with irony, I think) into a neoliberal plot which is backfiring spectacularly.

The cretinous and maladroit triumvirate given the task of taking May's disastrous administration forward are not covering themselves in glory.  From the half-witted Panglossian myths that the sky has not fallen in since the vote, partly because they have failed to note that there has been no action taken, and that there will be no consequences, to the racism and hatred they are stoking for those who dare to argue that to dissent and to challenge is a human right, this is a corrupt, ugly and illegitimate use of the machinery of government.

In truth, this probably means little, although the clarity of thinking being demonstrated across the oppositional spectrum, from Anna Soubry through Nicola Sturgeon, Caroline Lucas, Keir Starmer and Tim Farron, to name a few of the more clear-sighted, may make a government with a teetering and illegitimate majority seem a little more frail.  However, when the rhetoric of hate, indifference and hypocrisy that May's Tory faithful lapped up is conflated with the unemployment, inflation and ridicule that her path will bring, it is hardly surprising that there is a pressure valve about to explode.

Looking at the alternatives, it is not clear what can be done short of a General Election and a pro-British, anti-lunacy platform to retrieve whatever of the vandalism can be repaired and to set out a new agenda.  The politicians may be behind the curve on this, but they need to wise up.   The last week has demonstrated quite how far the nations of Britain can still fall - and I'm glad to be a citizen of Scotland at present - but there has to be resistance and courage in speaking to the truth that the consequences of an ill-thought-through act are only just unfolding, and they are very ugly.

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