Sunday, 2 October 2016

Dare call it treason

What is obvious from Mrs May's tenure of the Tory leadership is how tenuous her grip remains on both it and reality.  Her behaviour is both venal and treacherous, daring to build on the snivelling charlatanry that characterised her unlamented predecessor, more concerned with holding the vicious cyphers of the Tory party in check than acting in the national interest.  This is not the act of a leader or a government that is fit for office.

There is a currency within the Brexit apologists that those of us who did not vote for their farrago of lies and misrepresentations are traitors at worst, moaners and dog-in-the-mangerists at best.  We are told that we should accept the result of the referendum and that we should work with them to continuing digging into the pit of ignoble self-harm that they peddle as a solution to the self-interests of the plutocrat, the oligarch and the parasite.  They are the traitors.

May is also usurping both the gains of Magna Carta and the Civil War to limit the power of the Crown and restrain the executive from illegal action.   As previously noted, the planned abuse of the Royal Prerogative is analogous to the Nazis' Enabling Act, and the general tone of her seditious bunch of conspirators is clearly designed to stage a coup against both the rule of law and the rights of the citizen.

Witness the bare-faced hypocrisy with which May breezed into the Scottish political world, all emollience and participatory language.  Now when tested she has resorted to the Thatcherite language of authoritarianism and admonishing the uppity subjects which served the Tories so well in Scotland, and she will blunder into Irish affairs at her peril.  Whether she can push through her totalitarian vision is likely to be the test of endurance that will determine her success.

This is fast becoming not a European, nor a left-right issue.  It is whether there is a legitimate, controlled government in place, or whether we have moved towards the junta-based model that the hard right would excoriate in theory but collude with in practice.  There is a need to wake up before it is too late.

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