Sunday, 23 October 2016

Calling out the Brexit traitors

Apparently "scum" is the insult that most offends the unfortunately-continuing Kelvin MacKenzie.  Thus, this is an entirely appropriate epithet to be applied to him, his fellow-travellers and hypocrites, preferably prefixed with "evil" and a selection of explanatory adjectives that set out the contours of the monstrous coup that they have unleashed.  Eventually their actions sow the seeds of their own destruction, but the collateral damage that will be inflicted in the meantime make the fight and the resistance to their darkness and vitriol all the more important.

In the last four months, British political and public life has been pushed into a vile hole that resembles a totalitarian slurry pit.  Those of us who dissent are increasingly self-censoring for fear that expressing opinions informed by anything other than the prevailing ideology marks you out for verbal or physical abuse, which is nothing compared to the racist violence and thuggery that the dark maguses behind the Leave campaign have unleashed on those who do not have either the protection of silence or the ability to blend into the background.  If this is a country that the new right consider it to be worth living in, no civilised or educated person should want a part of it.

The widespread trope that expressing compassion and sympathy is some mark of treachery fits an agenda of fascist control that the filthy, offshore-owned, tax avoiding tabloids of Rothermere, Desmond and Murdoch peddle - urged on by sociopathic editors and nodding-donkey columnists whose feeble defence of "controversialism" should be exposed for the canting hypocrisy that it is.  A functioning state, with a modicum of civil society, should be prosecuting the screeching vileness of the Katie Hopkins, Julia Hartley-Brewer and Isabel Oakeshott variety (to name but a few) for incitement.  That Dacre and Gallagher, the foul antitheses of journalism, stand behind them says more about them than any detailed analysis could express.

And where is the government in all this?  Theresa May's expressive silence and refusal to condemn the ugly fascism of one of her own Councillors sets her views out clearly.  The collusion between the fascist tendencies of the unravelling UKIP and the apparent new mainstream of Conservative thought was emerging, it is now visible and crystallising.  What party of government in a legitimate state would describe citizens testing the legality of its actions as "subverting democracy"?  What party of government lies and evades questions about its relationship with other legislatures over which it has primacy but not automatic superiority?  This is treachery and betrayal institutionalised through the state and disseminated through the media.

In the meantime, al the evidence that was glibly dismissed as "Project Fear", orchestrated by those whose wealth is secured offshore and with little to lose, become clearer by the day.  To listen to the mendacious toad that masquerades as Foreign Secretary, because the sky did not fall in on the 24th June everything in the garden is rosy.  It is either moronic or manipulative, but in no way is this demonstrating any fitness for office, let alone discharging the obligations of Ministers set out in their Oath of Allegiance to the Crown - a further anachronism that perpetuates an authoritarian oligolopolistic state.  It is clear that May's model is not that of a functioning modern country, but a cronyism and vindictive coercive state with uncomfortable parallels with both Putin's Russia and North Korea.

As the winter nights draw in, darkness comes over the disunited country - an obvious metaphor.  Jobs disappear, exporting industries relocate, investment crashes and inflation resurrects itself.  This will hurt those groups duped by the traitors disproportionately, but it is increasingly difficult to feel sympathy given the way their spokespeople trot out the hollow slogans and refuse to debate.  Their risible assertion that it is up to those in the population who warned of the consequences of their egotistic folly to rescue them is utter canting ordure, as their descent into the abyss will be assisted, preferably never to emerge once more, rather than an acknowledgement of their rightness.

Pity those taken in by the "will of the people" delusion.  It's a throwback to the 1930s and the more extreme moments of Thatcherism that the messianic leader wraps themself up in when confronted with the choice between the national interest and an act of folly.  The way in which our unelected Prime Minister has conducted herself with current and future trading partners is pathetic, forgetting that no matter what relationships we have they will continue to be needed for a third-rate offshore power incapable of feeding itself or manufacturing its basic requirements.  As stupidity it ranks alongside Cameron's sacrifice of his country to buy himself a short-term truce in his own party.

It has got beyond the stage of trying to understand and engage.  There is treason afoot, and it is not from those of us who call time on the delusions and lies, or the authoritarianism that masquerades as strong government.  Its perpetrators are now aware that they are on the brink of a catastrophe unequalled in its self-inflicted crassness, and that they will eventually be proved accountable.  Trying to shut down debate, dissent and denying their narrative is, paradoxically, cause for optimism, as the tumbrils are likely to descend on those who are really selling out the citizens of the British Isles.  For those who dissent, the key priorities are to accelerate this reckoning, while attempting to preserve something of civilisation even during the long dark winter of the fascist treachery.

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