Saturday, 24 September 2016

Article 50, the 1933 German Enabling Act and a failed state

The preliminary exchanges between government lawyers and the litigants representing those of us who consider that the use of royal prerogative to trigger major legislative change is seditious are fascinating.  It is hardly the indication of a government confident in either its own position or its own legitimacy that it seeks to redact its legal arguments, nor of a regime which has any respect for the rule of law.  Whichever side of the advisory referendum people chose, this case is fundamental to whether there is any legitimate United Kingdom.

Those who fail to read history are doomed to their fate, but need not consign the rest of us to perdition.  What Maggie May's usurpers are up to at the moment is nothing short of an authoritarian coup, as the idea that fundamental rights, legislation and legality can be set aside by exercising a diktat in the name of a hereditary monarch is a monstrous canard that deprives citizens of any stake in this or future decisions of government.

Hitler's legitimacy rode on an Enabling Act.  It might even be argued that this was more viable than a hole-in-the-corner procession of self-defined experts and "patriots" who, having got the result that best serves their interests, do not want the process of government to be exposed to scrutiny.  The refusal to countenance Parliament's role in the process, let alone the people's, is an intriguing insight into a mindset that sees citizens as pawns in a game of hedge fund speculation and graft.  That is a generous interpretation, there are those of us increasingly leaning to the theory that the national interest being served is not one of the four British nation's.

May needs the equivalent of the Reichstag fire to cement her delusional view that she speaks for all of Britain.  What the rest of the country needs is an urgent awakening that rights, due process and legitimate authority are being undermined in the name of Brexit, but really to perpetuate the rule of spies and oligarchs.  Opposition party politics are a sideshow - as citizens of a failed state we should be examining how we can be protected by the UN, EU and any other body which maintains a semblance of respect for the rule of law.

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