Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A winter of discontent for the Medusa of Maidenhead

Considering that the death-rattle of the United Kingdom is now approaching its fourth month of exhalation, there is surprising quiescence.  Partly a consequence, no doubt, of the default position of apathy becoming embedded in the psyche of the British nations, but also continuing disbelief that the precipice is approaching and the unelected Prime Minister and her henchpersons are not taking evading action but hitting the accelerator.

The charlatans of the Leave campaign are smelling rats - which, surprisingly, is not leading to helpful self-identification.  This may be consequential to their anaerobic status, but the tendency to establish egregious splinter groups, all dribbling over each other with their manic ranting consigning other people to perdition, is a tendency that should only be encouraged.  The frailty of the Gorgon's grip on power is nowhere better illuminated than by the scrofulous and fissiparous divisions between her three fetid Brexit Ministers, and her total inability to achieve a unified message or discipline.  The moronic toddler's mantra of "Brexit meaning Brexit" has passed beyond parody.

For anyone demonstrating an iota of self-awareness, her predicament would result in exertions to achieve both unity and discipline.  Instead she is sending mixed messages to European leaders, and hardly establishing the credibility of her own administration in the eyes of those with whom a diminished England might hold some attractions.  These are not the actions of someone who should be entrusted with a whelk stall, let alone the trappings of power.

Faced with a Labour Party spending too little time contemplating why it is failing to break through, and with a leader whose Europhobia is becoming more obvious by the week, this lets the scoundrels and criminals off the hook.  The plight would be pathetic were it not an abdication of the responsibility that goes with opposition - the only area where there is a claim of "public opinion" appears to be a willingness to assist the Tories in committing the ultimate act of national suicide.  Labour MPs will need to consider what they do in the face of a tactical blunder that could hand the Tories hegemonic power on a plate.

The pressure from the non-Labour opposition, be they civic nationalists, Green, Liberals or non-aligned but aghast at the direction that the Tories are taking, is the only language that should be understood.  The basic cant, hypocrisy and lies around "taking back control" while denying the constitutional representatives in Parliament the right to exercise scrutiny and challenge should not be forgotten, and indeed should be rammed down the throats of the lunatics and evil-doers who are currently advocating much of the urge to destruction.  Whether they are in the pay of foreign powers is becoming a more plausible speculation as each day unwinds.

In the meantime, maintaining perspective and stamina is important.  There is a certain confirmatory glee to be achieved through the constant exposure of the illiterate, idiotic and plain vile of the ongoing Leave campaigners - articulated by the new Kipper leader who aspires to be Marine Le Pen but resembles more closely a monobrowed acolyte of Farage and Helmer - but this is not enough to sustain solidarity and momentum in the face of uselessness.  As a strategy, it is designed to encourage apathy and acquiescence, but it is disturbing that it makes the latter years of John Major look like a period of enlightened, progressive and united government.

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