Thursday, 14 July 2016

The arrival of the Empress Caligula

In less than three weeks, what was the United Kingdom has become a failed state.  The sight of the Leave campaigners coming to terms with the scale of stupidity and evil they had unleashed commenced within minutes of the advisory referendum's result being confirmed.  The economic chaos and march of street-corner violence that followed was an inevitable process, and the unravelling of the coercive power of government should have followed.

Instead, we have an administration that is squatting at best, unaware that the machinations of the Conservative Party's selection of its leadership does not convey legitimacy or even acknowledgement of its authority.  Theresa May is a charlatan, a traitor and a disgrace to high office, and all the windy and hypocritical rhetoric of "One Nation" Toryism merely echoes the hollow misappropriation of St Francis of Assisi that Margaret Thatcher used as an emollient prior to another depression caused by ideological prejudice placed ahead of either common sense or genuine public service.  Judge by the actions, not the words.

If she is playing a Machiavellian game, then the stakes could not be any higher.  To elevate such scrofulous incompetents as David Davis, and the venal Liam Fox plays entirely into the hands of the lunatic right within the Tory Party - far more directly than would have been the case had there been a leadership contest and there had either been a Leadsom victory or no need to propitiate the headbangers.

The appointment of Johnson to the Foreign Office will have the same effect as unleashing a syphilitic in a brothel.  One of the few consolations of recent days has been the seemingly-reasonable assumption that his behaviour would have led the Tories to come to the same conclusion as the rest of the country that his vanity, self-promotion and clear amorality would not be an attractive trait.  Instead of which, he now represents the UK government on the world stage.  It is just as well that those abroad capable of reflection and simple analysis will be aware that the seditious fools do not represent even a majority of the English population.

The final shape of the May administration will be as insubstantial as the mandate that her government now has.  She is as much a prisoner to the extremists as Cameron and Major were, but is temperamentally much more comfortable with authoritarian self-seeking plutocracy, as despite her carefully-calculated image she as enmeshed in the corruption and expropriation of power as those she is now showering with garlands.

In the meantime, the Tories bestride the English stage unmolested.  The absence of criticism and challenge by the BBC is risible.  This is in part down to the absence of the official opposition, engaging in the charade of the 1980s revival through a protracted internal battle and the suspicion of extremist infiltration.  This is convenient for the Tories, as their own entrists are now in the centre of government.  The unravelling of Tory authority is now creeping in at the fringes of England - they are encircled by a hostile Europe, a seething Scotland and a petrified Ireland.

May will doubtless be hailed by the sycophants and brown-nosers as a tactical genius - if only because she is holding the charlatans and liars in the centre of the web.  This will last until the first crisis that impacts on social order - and she will still be vulnerable to the Tory and Kipper fringe for whom nothing less than national suicide is a desirable outcome.  In these febrile times, prediction is unnecessary - it would have been incredible to have predicted that within three hours of acquiring office she had dissipated even the last vestiges of being a legitimate Prime Minister through crass appointments designed to appeal to her own Westminster bubble, irrespective of the way in which they play out beyond it.

This is not a country that a sane person wants to be a subject of - and the continued pretence that the islands' interests are played out through the farrago of inadequate grasping fools who form much of the modern Tory party will not be acceptable for much longer.  What we need now is for a few days of allowing this to play out and unravel, and for the seeds of a popular insurgency to be sown for the day when there is a potential unravelling.

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