Tuesday, 5 July 2016

In the name of whatever deity you choose, go!

The Conservative Party is currently selecting a new leader.  It is assumed that the winner of the race will become Prime Minister, and then commence the serious business of enacting Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.  The choice that the Tories make will be compromised, without authority and will have very little freedom of action given the overwhelming complexity, futility and impotence of the diminished England that they will represent.

Given the deficiencies in the electoral and governmental system that exists within the territory that still forms the nominal United Kingdom, and the blatantly unrepresentative result that catapulted Cameron into power last year, there is a nascent crisis of legitimacy that will now become the preserve not merely of political animals but the mass of aggrieved victims of the referendum fall-out. The build-up of expectation that the Leave campaigners sold will never be met, and the destruction of economic stability that is already well-established will make the 1980s and the post-financial crisis depression look like a picnic.

However wise the Governor of the Bank of England, he cannot stop the Stupid Party from opening their mouths and continuing the self-harm.  At the same time, the investigation into electoral malpractices in 2015 will, in all probability, disclose further creative cupidity and downright obstruction on the part of Conservative Central Office, which adds to the apocalyptic atmosphere.  All that will be left in the lockers of the establishments will be calls for unity and calm, and to shut up and enjoy the medicine.  For those of us who remember the impact of dogmatically-misapplied policy in the 1980s this does not bode well.

The steady defenestration of the sock-puppets of idiocy continues.  Cameron, architect of the chaos and betrayal, will retreat to family wealth and insulation from the consequences of others.  Johnson's tactical withdrawal will allow him to amass income and carp from the sidelines.  The Tories will turn on Gove, rightly, as a turncoat and traitor.  The cut-price racist demagogue, Farage, has made his annual retirement speech, having humiliated himself in the face of people who he claims would still be allies even after Britain's exit from Europe, and will doubtless be grateful that his MEP pension will be paid in Euros after the collapse of sterling.

There is no programme for government that has now been supported by a plurality of the electorate, under a rigged system.  There is certainly no mandate that even approaches a majority endorsement across the country, and there is nothing to indicate that any of the Tory contenders are prepared to recognise this.  If they had confidence in their own wisdom, popularity and mandate then they would seek to secure this for a full Parliamentary term, given the immense task of attempting to minimise the damage inflicted to the countries of the UK.

Instead there is the constant parade of self-entitled, unrepresentative insiders - a foulness that corrupts any attempt to create a political climate where all parties can work together.  The contest seems to be around competitive fecklessness, appealing to the 150,000 entitled Tory members whose dyspeptic bile will determine the fate of the nation (they think).  This is the moral equivalent of a military coup, and they should expect to be treated as squatters rather than as legitimate leaders.  The only way to assert Parliamentary sovereignty is to re-elect it, and this is too frightening a prospect for a group of marauding hypocrites who will run a mile as the collapse of the economy and overall credibility further weakens their own status.

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