Thursday, 16 June 2016

Murder and the corruption of politics

Today's callous murder of an MP, doing her job, representing her constituents, represents the depths to which the United Kingdom is sinking.  It is alleged that the assailant used the phrase "Britain first", which with a second capitalisation links straight into the fascist fringe that has coarsened, cheapened and depraved politics.

As a family grieves, a community loses its elected representative and a public servant's life is cruelly truncated, there will be a mixture of the genuine shock, anger and loss and the bandwagon-jumping that the spin doctors prescribe.  I'm sure that the ambulance-chasers across the spectrum from Farage to Galloway will be engaging in grief tourism, without the ability to reflect that it is their actions that contribute to the climate of despair that makes such a vile event seem almost inevitable.

The coarsening of debate and the attempt to demonise and marginalise has been in the interests of certain political groups for some time, alongside a narrow interest group of press barons.  It is shocking to realise the bilious propaganda that spews out from the right-wing tabloids and their fellow-travellers, and the distrust and hatred that they sow had made it almost impossible for an alternative and humane approach to be adopted, nor for there to be respect for those who disagree and exist with different moral compasses.

Whatever the individual circumstances, the disgusting reduction of politics into a set of half-baked assertions and unproved assertions has become the norm.  The referendum campaign has demonstrated that there is no space for rationality, and the ability to recognise that it is not mandatory to hold one set of snarling views.  People die as a consequence.  This is the real corruption and the evil that we have seen today - and why grief should be mixed with anger and a desire for change that calls out those who have fed the hatred and irrationality that have led us to this space.

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