Saturday, 4 October 2014

"We hate humans" - the hooligans take over the Tory asylum

To be identified with a bunch of 1970s itinerant football hooligans is a peculiar aspiration.  Behaving like an amoral horde of barbarians, laying waste to the unsuspecting bystander who is unlucky enough to be in the vicinity, leaving a trail of destroyed lives and failed ambitions... it could only be Cameron's Conservative Party, desperately trying to shore up its lunatic credentials in the face of a Kipper onslaught.  The unspeakable in pursuit of the despicable, or vice versa.

In Birmingham, the Tories demonstrated once again that their instincts are foul and hypocritical.  Miliband was monstered for not taking the economy seriously, while Cameron promised income tax cuts at some unspecified point in the next parliament, without so much as costing them or providing any indication of what further cuts would be needed to fund them.  For this the cheer-leading lickspittles proclaimed him as John the Baptist.  Had any other party had the temerity to come up with such a farrago then the press would have been all over them.

Quite apart from stealing the Liberal Democrats' clothes, appropriating about the only genuinely popular economic policy of the Coalition, the economic and fiscal illiteracy of such a proposal is breathtaking.  Unless of course Cameron was lying, which has a probability close to 100%.  An unfunded commitment to an income tax cut requires either further austerity or stealth tax rises elsewhere, a crime that the Tories were braying whenever Labour committed the offence.  As the Tories will not do anything around Inheritance Tax, this will be funded through duties, higher Council Tax, extending the VAT base and potentially milking property Stamp Duty - anything that doesn't impact upon the Tory client classes.

The idea that income tax policy is the sole determinant of what people pay is the kind of simplistic garbage that only the right-wing press will swallow.  The cost of living is determined by many other factors, including other taxes, and the necessary outlay for subsistence.  So for the Tories to concentrate on direct personal taxation should make everyone alert to the chicanery of politicians doubly-aware of the potential for cant elsewhere.  A Dutch auction that pays no attention to utility prices, housing costs and the huge disparity in economic conditions across the country is just what the spin doctor ordered to distract from the hollowness and class interest of the Tory policy platform going forward.

However, this was just the forerunner of the New Messiah status that Hamster-face has been seeking. To hear the orgasmic chants emanating from the Daily Mail and the Scum you would have thought that walking on water had been superseded by something more noble than any cause fought for over the centuries.  Instead of which, we got the commitment from the Tories to scrap the Human Rights Act, in the name of British freedom and British values.  There is no term that captures the depths of contempt that such a policy should evince.  This is a party whose instincts are both warped and demented.

The HRA is anything but perfect, but it encapsulates into UK law the rights that Cameron makes out that we want to spread to the remainder of the world, by force if necessary.  A British Bill of Rights, the promised sop to those of us who don't trust the state to protect the interests of the citizen, is the kind of retrograde and unenforceable step that was lapped up by the Tory dog-whistlers, whose contempt for the lesser beings who might challenge their hegemony was blatantly displayed during the conference.  The reason many of the Tory grandees and the spluttering elderly bigots cannot see their hypocrisy is because they consider the rest of the world beneath them and such rights as we possess are bones thrown as palliatives to head off the possibility of uprising.

Cameron cannot recognise, or does not want to recognise, that the Human Rights Act has nothing to do with the European Union.  The UN Declaration predates the EU, and the European Convention emerged through the Council of Europe, to which even Dave's role models like Putin belong.  In terms of cranking up the rhetoric to stop his loons defecting to the Farage xenophobia machine the truth is an inconvenient side issue.

The lies about a modernising Tory party have been revealed - and we are back to a paradigm where a combination of bribery and fear is all they can offer.  The hegemony of the South East, the financial and business interests who have been bailed out by taxpayer, and therefore state funding, and the promotion of the Dacre/Murdoch agenda have become the overarching themes that will propel the election campaign.  Anyone who values their freedom and rights should run scared at the moment, as our interests are trumped by a constituency of the oligarchs and the selfish, supported by those parts of the middle classes scared into acquiescence.  A noble prospect.

The triumph of the Bullingdon yobs and the plutocrats in the Tory Party is obvious.  Promises that aren't real and a crackdown on the liberty of the citizen are the platform on which the Tories will go into the next election.  There is still a six-month period where an alternative narrative can be developed, building on the real insurgency that the Scottish referendum demonstrated.  Anything that deprives the Tories of the potential to influence the shape of the government is legitimate.  Cameron's mask has finally slipped and the Nasty Party is back in open business.  Thatcher would be turning in her grave for missing this audacious opportunity for evil-doring, if there is no stake through her heart.

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