Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Gay marriage - watching the Tories swivel

There is a tide of fatalistic risibility that ascends to engulf the Conservative Party.  The Old Bloxhamist Gerald Howarth, the preposterous Monday Club MP for Aldershot, revealed his inner torment by suggesting that "aggressive homosexuals" are waiting in the wings to march down the aisle as a precursor to much darker activities, while the usual bunch of neanderthals demonstrated their inability and crass ineptitude, allowing Labour and the Liberal Democrats to provide a solid majority for a reform that is really only important to those who see it as a benefit.

The Tories have clearly not learned from the 1990s and their rather depressing sequence of scandals that there is now much less prurience about people's sexuality, and much less desire to dictate to the rest of the population what is acceptable within the law.  Personal morality is just that - it is not to argue against standards and responsibility but merely to suggest that the state should keep out of the bedroom.  For each of the splenetic, bile-spuming Tory backwoodsmen, the liberalisation of society is coming as a shock; there may be much deeper Freudian interpretations about their public abhorrence, but unless one has actually been to Eton it is very difficult to reach any firm conclusion.

The irony of the last couple of days has been that the paragons of free-market, deregulated Ayn Rand frothing are totally unable to see that the logical extension of their position is to support individual freedom and rights.  Instead, in a game of tabloid bugger-my-neighbour they have demonstrated the rank hypocrisy of the Tory right - scared of UKIP, scared of a world that has passed them by, and hostile to anyone who is prepared to be different and not conform to a haute bourgeois societal norm.

Pratfalls await, and this is much of a muchness with the lunacy that has overcome much of the right at the moment.  As the imbecility count rises, we can only look forward to more ignorance and bigotry being paraded in a desperate attempt to court the declining fringe vote.  The disconnect between a pointless Tory party and the wider electorate can only increase.

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