Monday, 11 February 2013

Horsemeat, bullshit and the Tory disaster

For lovers of the 1990s, the speculation must now turn to which hapless Tory minister will feed their progeny food that may or may not have been contaminated with horse.  There are several nagging doubts as to which would be the most appropriate beneficiary of the largesse, but surely following in the footsteps of John Selwyn Gummer is a fate that any worthwhile member of the Conservative front bench would give their fetlocks for.

Food contamination is nothing new - and an inevitable consequence of the current mania for supermarket consolidation, "value" lines and the constraints on spending brought on by the impact of Plan A on the vast majority of the citizenry.  What is surprising is the extent to which this has permeated the consciousness - much as the BSE impact did during the reign of John Major.

This administration is rapidly resembling the latter days of the Thatcherite experiment - stalking horses, diehard semi-cretinous Europhobic knuckle-draggers, and constant reinvention and relaunch as Labour continue to demonstrate that the internal sorrows of the Tory right are not shared by the vast majority of the electorate.  Maintaining political engagement for internal purposes gives Dave the impression that fleeting success is equivalent to connecting with the wider electorate.

The Tories, however, are discovering their inner pointlessness.  As a party of homophobes - you would have thought from the reaction of backbenchers that gay marriage was not merely to become permissible but compulsory - and candidates for remedial exclusion from the mainstream, they do not even start to address the concerns that will actually determine a General Election.  There is no reason for the Tories to exist any more, given that their foaming shire dinosaurs are all infatuated with UKIP, and the City captured Labour under Blair and Brown.

So mechanically-recovered meat is a symptom of this downfall, rather than a major political issue in itself.  Watch out for more stunts as the Cameron narrative unwinds yet further.

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