Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Whistling for the Tory dogs

Ironically, the much-trumpeted Europhobic rant from Cameron was postponed because one of the other Tory Greatest Hits, the "war on terror" was wheeled out.  You can tell that the situation domestically is spinning out of control from the reversion to type of the Tory backbencher, the witless, charmless loons whose lack of grip on reality and how the world is changing around them who defy any attempt to remind them that the twentieth century began 112 years ago.

The European Union is at times complex and at other times infuriating, but it is necessary.  There has not been a continental conflagration for nearly seventy years, and the reality of political and economic collaboration is there.  However much the backwoods cretins bluster, EU legislation and rules are embedded in British law - to leave would create so many problems it would take decades to sort out, to little avail.  There is much less intrusion by Brussels than the halfwits would have you think, and its total expenditure is very small when compared to the amount that Westminster spends, or even the taxes avoided by Tory cronies.

However, the Europhobes can rant on about the Germans and the French as a consequence of Britain's inability to recognise its neighbours as allies and complementary to the better features of British life.  The slavering loons are exercised about any manifestation that does not fit into a middle-England, middle-aged and middle-class cocoon - be it multiculturalism, European culture or anything that requires more than one sentence to explain or argue.  This demonstrates a massive inferiority complex as well as parading pig ignorance and contempt.  Hardly surprising that Cameron's modernisation hit a brick wall.

Now we can enjoy the apocalyptic prognostications of a war on terror in north Africa.  This is another means of cowing the country, and playing on fears of the unknown.  The post-colonial landscape is not exactly an area where European powers have been exemplary players - ironically the Commonwealth represented one of the most honourable disengagements imaginable.  However, the language emanating from Cameron and Hague suggests that they have been taken over by the spirit of George W. Bush, and blundering around becomes a substitute for a foreign policy or a real focus on national interests.

The Tory backbencher, worried about their seat, will be happy that there is the chance to rant on about towel-heads, Frogs and Krauts.  However, these are side-issues compared to the mismanaged economy, our damaged polity and the hopeless permeating the UK.  So we can expect to hear much more of this in the months to come.

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