Sunday, 23 December 2012

The march of the plebs continues

As a supporter of the second Gulf War, it would be interesting to hear Andrew Mitchell's opinions on being convicted by dodgy dossier.  Even if he has been stitched up, he has merely lost an undistinguished right-wing career rather than been guilty by association in launching an illegal war that has resulted in the suffering of millions.

Mitchell's defenders, including the ludicrous and overblown peroration of former Minister Nick Herbert, make out that he is a victim of a combination of police vitriol against the Tories and a trigger- happy Bullingdon Dave.  These may be true, but as Chief Whip he had to have a thick hide and be as prepared to dole it out as he was to receive it, and the fact remains that he swore at police who were attempting to remonstrate with the smug, bumptious pillock.

The low-class, low-rent school of Toryism that Mitchell epitomises is happy to dish it out to the rest of society, especially if it can't answer back.  However, the only response to his current apologists and his ranting at the police is the utterly seasonable "Bah! Humbug!".

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