Sunday, 30 December 2012

Looking forward to 2013 from under the covers

Now that we have had the New Year's "Keep Calm and Carry On" from the Head Hamster, pulling every false Etonian face that he can possibly manage, and the uncharacteristic silence of Mister Ed in response, life can continue much as before.  Clearly Cameron continues to believe that his monstrously-incompetent set of policies will deliver some form of payback for the Tories.  It's much more likely that his combination of ineptitude and arrogance will produce a Labour-led government and give the risible Farage yet more media exposure.

2013, assuming that the USA does not decide to set the entire global economy firmly into reverse, will not be any better than 2012.  Actually, that doesn't stack up, as there will be no Olympics, no Golden Jubilee and only the arriviste sprog to divert attention away from the Bullingdon Massive to the Royal Family.  The economy will not recover, inflation will continue to be high, as it is about the only policy that Gideon has left that might reduce the real value of debt.

Meanwhile, the Tories appear to be deciding that their only way forward is to have another bloodletting on Europe - merely proving my hypothesis that Cameron is the new John Major (albeit without the gumption or interest to attract Edwina Currie).  The dog-whistles of the right are all working perfectly, and the reality that Britain would be more marginalised, more prone to economic decay and outside major markets is not something that the lunatics would wish to be considered.

So, for a displaced Liberal, the compliments of the season are accompanied by a somewhat worse case of dyspeptic scepticism.  Doubtless the New Year will be a time of interest, but in the meantime it is probably better contemplated from underneath several layers of warmth and irony. 

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