Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Cameron wants to kill what's left of democratic accountability

Forgetting the appointment of Lynton Crosby (the evil behind the evil that is Boris) for a moment, Hamster-face achieved approbation from his paymasters at the CBI for announcing his intention to strip the mere mortals of British society of most of their vestigial rights to challenge, complain and generally make the process of government reasonably accountable.

In the interests of "removing red tape" - translated as making it easier for the CBI (another prime unelected lobby group) to make a quick buck - Cameron tried to invoke a Churchillian Little Englander mentality in the current economic climate.  Removing controls on planning, removing the need for government to consult, consider equality and making it much harder to challenge Ministerial and bureaucratic decisions through judicial review are all further evidence that the Tories want to take us into a combination of feudalism and crony capitalism, with them and their mates creaming off the profits.

Given the complexity of government activity, through outsourcing, PFIs and the extent to which everything is wrapped up in "business-friendly" contracts, any removal of the citizen's right to contest the action of government is a fundamental assault on democracy and human rights.  Not that this worries the Tories, who have been happily spending their time creating as many mechanisms to protect their clients from the consequences of bungling, authoritarian politics.

Removing rights, in the name of "efficiency" and because government knows best, is a slippery slope - even dictatorships maintain a fiction of a rule of law.  This is time for revolt, and time to exploit every current opportunity to challenge government, and to ensure that the Tory crony state is challenged.

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