Saturday, 20 October 2012

Plebs, snobs and schadenfreude

It's probably unseemly to gloat over the demise of Andrew Mitchell, but seemliness is not necessary when we are dealing with the final unravelling of the myth of "we're all in this together" and the real Tory spirit emerging.  The fact that it took the uncouth oaf nearly a month to realise that his political career had imploded with a foul-mouthed insult reminds me that self-awareness and common decency are handicaps in contemporary politics.

Meanwhile, Gideon managed to get himself into bother on a train.  Whatever the precise details, it is clear that the image being presented to the public is not exactly the one that Dave has been pretending to endorse.  I suspect that there is much less to this than meets the eye - it's all part of the entitlement culture inherited from the bankers where everyone else has to pay for the high-rolling lifestyle of the self-defined panjandrums - and Osborne would hardly expect his mate Beardie to charge him for travel when he's just been gifted a dubious single-tender cash stream due to the fiasco that the government has inflicted on the civil service.

So it's hardly surprising that I can feel no sympathy for either of these two egregious idiots.  We shall see how long Gideon lasts - he would probably characterise the behaviour as fare avoidance rather than fare evasion as it's the milieu that the "entrepreneurial" regard as their comfort zone.

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