Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gove, Hammond and the European dog-whistle

Being of a delicate disposition, I try to ignore the Mail on Sunday as it interferes with my digestion, sentience and feeling of belonging to the same species as people who read it.  However, while picking up my preferred choice of Sunday reading, I noticed that its front-page headline revealed that the chinless Gove is now attempting to drum up support within his noxious party for Euro-scepticism - doubtless trying to outflank UKIP and win the support of the pea-brained xenophobes who might otherwise be tempted to try Farage's odious bilgefest.

And then the Defence Secretary, the multi-millionaire Petrolhead Hammond, pops up with his idiot echo of Gove's comments.  Truly this party is full of people who would fail an IQ test, not to mention failing to produce any oxygen when tested for photosynthesis.

The United Kingdom is a weak construct, and a weak economy.  Gideon may well be right that there is no Plan B, but then there is no Plan A other than looking pious and extracting social cohesion and aggregate demand from the economy in the name of fiscal orthodoxy that would have offended a reactionary 1920s economist.  It is not a world power, nor can it aspire to be.

Rather than accepting that our fate is bound up with our neighbours' - and that they might have something worthwhile to teach us in terms of society, economy and culture - there is a battering-ram approach that suggests anything American is innately superior.  This is the Tory lie - based around an inability to engage with any language, culture or society that does not want to move further towards the kind of amoral neoliberalism that the fools on the extreme right consider to be the correct fate for a post-industrial society.

This idiocy brought down the last Tory government, fortunately.  In the current climate it should bring down the Coalition - because what is needed now is for the modern world to intrude.  Nobody believes that the EU is perfect, or perfectible, but it's a damn sight preferable to the barren, unequal and squalid wasteland that Gove and his advisers wish to inflict upon the rest of the world, while they live in a hermetically-sealed world upon which reality is never allowed to intrude.

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