Monday, 6 August 2012

Bread, circuses and Tory hubris

To watch and listen to all the mainstream media you would be forgiven for thinking that everything is for the best in the best off all possible worlds.  The Middle East is not degenerating into religious and civil warfare, there is no potential for a triple-dip recession, the programme of economic, political and social modernisation pioneered by the Coalition is proceeding to the sunlit uplands of Tory Democracy and the England cricket team remains all-conquering.

We are in the middle of the Olympic denial zone.  After predictions of meltdown within London's creaking and neglected infrastructure, not too much has happened beyond the destruction of much of the economy during the peak tourist season, for which Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson have told those facing bankruptcy to rejoice.  Good performances by an elite showered with taxpayers' money on top of corporate whoredom are celebrated as some form of national regeneration.  The weather has even improved slightly.

The Tories are even now contemplating their next move.  Clearly flush from their success in denying Lords reform, and the probability of Cameron pandering to his neanderthal, self-interested backbench scum, the aim is now on their part to ditch the Coalition before the next election to take whatever credit they can salvage from the incompetence, graft and cupidity of Osborne's disastrous economic mismanagement (tax cuts for the rich that the Mail will big up as encouraging entrepreneurship) - just in time for an election.

They will do what they always do, wrapping themselves in manufactured patriotism.  Perhaps the time has come to call their bluff - especially since the agenda appears to be to promote the next stage of their social repression and economic pillage after the Olympics are out of the way.  Picking off the remaining unionised workforce and cutting even more deeply is their agenda - which may well make 2012 the Second Winter of Discontent.

Having denied myself blogging for most of the last month out of sheer inability to come up with appropriately bilious language - the time is now ripe to identify the numerous and irretrievable failures and ineptitude, along with the simony and hypocrisy that underpins this bunch of wasters.  UK successes are not down to them - UK failures are definitely the responsibility of the crony cretins.

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