Sunday, 27 May 2012

A pox on the Jubilee...

Thirty-five years ago, the heading above was the first line of a fine piece of recurrent graffiti.  It was followed with "..the ersatz orgasm of the silent majority".

Despite the efforts of a range of sturdy campaigners, republicanism remains a minority view, but nevertheless a legitimate strand of opinion.  Not that you'd believe this from the fawning coverage of the Jubilee festivities - all conflated with Coe's exhibitionism over the Olympics - all designed to keep the population quiescent while politicians and bankers screw the rest of the world into penury.

The monarchist position is always to draw attention to the essential virtues of the current hereditary monarch.  This is an accident, if it is true. 

The royal set-up is an anachronism that continues to be used to justify denial of citizens' rights.  However, the apologists then point out that the Windsor clan is cheap and effective - but without examining from where the Windsor family and its ancestors secured their wealth - and whether that is legitimate.

Hopefully the republican argument will get put forward a little more, and the breakdown in social cohesion legitimised by the current administration will cause people to question whether a modern society needs unelected and unaccountable people at the top. 

The monarchists keep their delusion going through fear of the different, yet the French have recently managed to realign their state through electing a more radical President - and the change at the top didn't cause the sky to fall in. Hardly a disaster.

At least most of us will get another public holiday...

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