Sunday, 13 May 2012

The mire of sleaze: Hunt, Cameron and Osborne

It was unsurprising that the principal function of Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson appearing at the Leveson Enquiry was to hurl ordure at the politicians whose unaccountable sudden rediscovery of probity would be praise-worthy were it not so hypocritically risible. 

The ongoing immuring of Jeremy Hunt must surely leave his position indefensible - but the revelations that the close relationships with the Tory coxcombs extends to Gormless George, who entertained News Corporation bigwigs at the taxpayer-funded grace-and-favour residence at Dorneywood, are entirely in keeping with a government whose moral compass is not merely misaligned but completely missing.

Defenders of this conduct are keen to talk up the Labour Party's misdeeds while in office - indeed the slimy manoeuvring of Blair and Murdoch is a case study in the impropriety of supping with the Devil - while pretending that there is something sordid about even mentioning the Chipping Norton set in the same breath as phone hacking and improper meddling in the affairs of government.

This does not merely not wash, it smacks of the desperation the arises as a consequence of the rats having been cornered.  When the Torygraph first revealed that Vince Cable had a problem with Murdoch it was merely anti-Coalition mischief-making.  Now it has all the hallmarks of a diversionary tactic being dreamed up by a Tory apparatus desperate to make smoke to distract from its brown-nosing of an immoral organisation.

Incredibily, the constant exchange of text messages between Brooks and Cameron is not seen as an example of the extent to which political life has been cheapened and undermined by the influence of media whores.  Politicians should be able to explain themselves and promote their views, but to be craven to a editor of a scummy tabloid and the consequential repugnant waste of newsprint demonstrates that the prostitution of politics has reached a nadir from which genuine reform and purging the system of the parasites on both sides.

If Hunt, Osborne and Cameron have acted improperly then they should face the consequences.  At least two, if not all three, should regard themselves as unfit for public office and retire, possibly on the same route of rehabilitation as John Profumo followed after his disgrace, rather than being forced out and subject to further public obloquy.

However, the lack of moral fibre, accountability and even a recognition that they have done anything wrong (the Blunkett/Mandelson delusion, for students of political tropes) means that they will need to be prised out of office when wrongdoing is so far proven that even the amoral Tories will run a mile from them.  While they wait, the entire political system becomes yet more tawdry.

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