Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Hypocrisy will fuel a new class war

One of the principal reasons for the unpopularity of the Coalition is the constant mantric repetition of "we're all in this together" and the implication that there is no alternative.  Both of these are palpably untrue, but are pumped out with the vague expectation that if imbued upon the collective subconscious they will eventually atrophy the critical faculties even unto the point where people might vote Conservative.

Now, observing the financial services sector, the law and the other parasitic vocations, it is very hard to see where the real suffering has been experienced since 2008.  There's still prosperity and excessive wealth fuelled by a bonus culture and entitlement aplenty.  To sustain this, they want to screw the rest of the population with reduced job security, stealing further pension entitlements and reducing their own taxes while condemning public services to stringency and decline - all to build up balance sheets and maintain their own safety in the face of reality.

From their protestations, they consider it bad form and at worst capital sedition to remind people of how the entire sorry mess was generated in the first place.  The bail-outs, the transfer of wealth from the wider population into the mire of criminal incompetence created by idiots pretending to be clever, the constant exhortation to austerity for other people and the smug, self-satisfied visages of the perpetrators of large-scale, systematic pillage are all symptoms of a class that has forfeited any right to respect.

At the same time as they have been bailed out by the mugs whose influence over the Tories and the media is zero, and who are held in contempt by the self-styled entrepreneurs and political leaders who pull the strings, they are condemning the country to long-term decline.  Young people are unemployed, the manufacturing sector continues to atrophy, the physical and social infrastructure becomes more and more fragile and unable to bear the strains placed upon it.

You would have thought that contrition, a sense of duty and responsibility for the mess might have generated more reflection and action.  Instead of which they repeat the tired myths that other people must make sacrifices in order to keep them in the lifestyle to which they feel entitled.

What they are doing is clever, classic diversionary tactics.  "Divide and rule" is the watchword - so anyone who still has possession of any of the symbols of progress that defined the 20th century, such as proper provision for their old age, and reasonable expectation that if they do a competent, productive job they will continue to be employed, is pitted against those who have already been excluded from this and who have been forced to become complicit with the neo-con exploitative mindset.  Co-opting those already defeated as auxiliaries in the battle to expropriate is a clear priority.

Where England differs from other countries, and I choose the nationality carefully, is in its philistinism and distrust of ideas.  Anything that cannot be expressed in one sentence, preferably with no sub-clauses and with no element of ambiguity, is suspect.  So this is used to justify the rapacity and evil intent of self-styled "wealth creators" without examining whether they have any obligations to the wider community - and there are too many dog-whistles around "enterprise" and the "free market", to which slavish adherence has done nothing much more than entrench economic weakness and class and geographic apartheid.

Equality is also a dirty word.  The view that the only denominator of worth is financial success diminishes all those who have interests that are either devoted to service or the pursuit of knowledge, expertise and intellectual advancement, implying that they are parasites who feed off the high priests of capitalism.  The cult of celebrity preserves an illusion that there is genuine mobility in society, while materialism creates envy at the expense of cohesion.

Freedom and decency are only available to those who can afford them - and they will try to exclude all comers by kicking away the ladders that used to exist.  This is unwinding social progress and creating an exclusionary culture.  No wonder that mainstream political parties cannot mobilise significant support from younger people, or indeed from other sections of the populace - they are all more or less complicit in the new paradigm.

If there is much more misery inflicted upon people by a group of people who relish their ignorance, hypocrisy and selfishness, then it is clear that there will be more social dislocation and eventually unrest.  The old Tory model of patrician obligation has been inverted - and the subversion of society will force them to reap the inevitable consequences.

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