Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Lady Warsi's delusion

Milady Warsi has a conveniently short memory. The unelected authority on all matters democratic, wheeled out whenever the Tories want to give the impression that not all front-benches would have been welcomed into the Bullingdon Club, spews out anti-Liberal bile whenever the electorate appear to be on the point of seeing through the convenient myth that the Coalition is a partnership of equals.

Warsi is in many ways the analogue of Johns Prescott and Reid, unreconstructed tribal dinosaurs whose behaviour scuppered any chance of a centre-left consensus, including urging My Little Tony to ignore the Jenkins Commission, and whose self-destructive behaviour over the AV referendum is likely to saddle us with a system where systemic Tory bias is entrenched. They make strange but convincing bedfellows.

Her latest ranting is that the current slump in Tory popularity is all the fault of the nasty Liberals, who have spread dissent and focused discussion on issues such as taxation that are very uncomfortable for the Tories. Had there been proper discipline, runs her argument, all the contentious issues would have been sneaked out in appendices to the Budget that would have resulted in bows of anguish only later when their iniquity is unveiled.

Perversely, she is doing pluralism a favour, as the sheer bravado and arrogance of her argument is based around the presumption that political discussion should be had in private and exclude the little people until their masters have opined. This is a successful approach, as George Galloway will attest, as the popular discontent with the party system has not gone away since the election result.

However, Warsi still needs to remember one critical point: THE TORIES DID NOT WIN THE ELECTION. This is an uncomfortable reality for her, but sadly it remains the case. The electorate did its best to secure a coalition and got one. Now the Tories cannot count on tribalism and arrogant paternalism, people like her will need to evolve. In the meantime, she is doing us all a favour by demonstrating that, however rotten some of the Coalition's policies are, the Liberals are at least tempering a few excesses in the direction of largesse towards Tory client, parasitic drones.

So a partial result!

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