Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brian Coleman FRSA and the toxic Tories

The disruption to the 2012 Boat Race by Trenton Oldfield is now past history, one of the things that have been.  Let us hope that the same will soon be the case for Brian Coleman, whose behaviour has been one of the most odious examples of any politician at national, local or even saloon-bar level.

I have written in the past about Mr Coleman, who, as with Mr Oldfield, claims to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  Mr Oldfield's intervention to disrupt rowing is, in the final analysis, somewhat less gratuitous and odious than Cllr Coleman's misdeeds, which have been well-chronicled elsewhere - and which will hopefully result in his defenestration from the Greater London Assembly.  I was particularly heartened to see the political debate in Camden and Barnet neatly encapsulated by the campaign slogan "ABC" - Anyone But Coleman.

Coleman, whose undistinguished record (see his Wikipedia entry is not exactly full of evidence of the qualities that are required to celebrate his achievements through using the initials FRSA, as he is very keen to do, doubtless as a consequence of having very little else to promote.  I would love to be in a position to remind Mr Coleman of what he has signed up to, and wonder how he would justify his conduct were anyone to have the cojones to call him to account.

For his information, and the edification of others, I reproduce the Fellowship Charter below:

The Fellowship Charter explains what being part of the RSA means in the contemporary world. It sets out how the RSA and the Fellowship aim to work together to achieve the principles in our founding Charter; and re-affirms the central importance of a Fellow's role in achieving them.

‘Undertakings for the Public Good’

We were founded in 1754 for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Today the RSA operates on a local, national, regional and international scale to turn optimistic thinking into positive action. We form a unique combination of committed people and diverse ways of working in our efforts to find innovative practical solutions to pressing social problems.

‘Members from all Ranks, Professions and Trades’

We are a global network of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. Recognising that together we are greater than the sum of our parts, we have confidence in our collective ability to effect change. We share a commitment to working in a way that realises both our own untapped potential and that of others, encourages human empathy and a respect for difference, and has ethical consideration for the implications of our actions.

‘Discoveries, Inventions and Improvements’
We inspire innovative thinking by promoting new ideas, and being open-minded and creative in our approach. We enable positive change by leading, contributing or encouraging pioneering initiatives and being generous in sharing resources and skills. We support each other by working collaboratively and creating an enlightened space in which to tackle the challenges of the 21st century.

Were I uncharitable, Brian's behaviour - further documented in a number of Internet sites of which is the latest and most comprehensive, appears to be almost the antithesis of this. 

However, if Coleman loses to Andrew Dismore of Labour on Thursday, he will lose around £70k of taxpayers' allowances, plus thousands of expenses, and may not be able to afford the £150 to peddle the delusion that he is in some way attempting to contribute to social progress.

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