Sunday, 11 December 2011

Cameron the traitor

It is difficult to contemplate with equanimity the final unravelling of Britain's involvement in Europe. Cameron has unwound fifty years of hard work and the prospects for an isolated nation are depressing. Snivelling vermin that he is, the refusal to participate within the European framework will deny industry and economic growth, while ensuring that the Conservatives are never taken aeriously by European governments.

On this basis, one just has to ask what is the point of the Liberal Democrats staying in coalition. Providing them with human shields and conduits for bad announcements is not sufficient when virtually everything that a modern, progressive party should stand for is being destroyed to assuage the neanderthals of the Tory right. A realistic view of Britain as a middle-ranking power, with a need to trade and modernise, is one that puts it at the heart of Europe, not pretending to be the special friend of America and living off a past that was a myth almost a century ago.

Cameron has been craven to his friends in the City, who are treacherous to anything other than their own abili to rape, pillage and destroy those less affluent than them. This makes him a traitor by association. Deregulated bankers and financial services got the world into its present state, and European governments are trying to address these excesses. No wonder that the pillock was so craven as to allow their agenda to destroy the prospects for European progress.

Positively, this could be a defining, realigning moment. If Miliband can articulate the European agenda, along with regenerating progressive politics then he can reach out to the Liberal heartland. Cameron has done nothing to deserve trust or support, and therefore he has everything to lose. A revised, mainstream, European centre-left force could capture much more support than party politics suggests - big enough to face down the media and the City.

Cameron has sold out the country and the coalition. He should reap the consequences, and if he has promised Clegg something behind closed doors that cannot and should not satisfy anyone who believes that Britain is a European nation, with its own identity and a destiny linked with our friends and neighbours across the Channel.

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