Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Sarko hits the spot again

The manufactured outrage about President Sarkozy's impression of the Israeli Prime Minister tells us far more about the pro-Isreal lobby than it does about the French President.  To describe any politician as mendacious is not exactly stretching the boundaries of credibility, nor is it unreasonable to suggest that dealing with slippery individuals is not necessarily pleasant.

For at least the past three decades, there has been an elaborate game of "don't kick me" played by the Israelis.  Apparently it is perfectly acceptable for their behaviour to go unchallenged, while the protestations of the United Nations, their regional neighbours and other sections of world opinion are at best misguided or at worst manifestations of anti-Semitism.  The shibboleths of contemporary politics, given the USA's craven and often counter-productive paternalism towards Israel, mean that the moment the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem (in contravention of international law) is challenged the standards do not merely double but multiply hugely.

So let's hear it for our European partner, who will doubtless ride this one out.  And wait for the fall-out from rich, hypocritical lobby groups.

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