Friday, 22 July 2011

Murdoch is not a side-show

We have a world falling apart around us - the horrific images of famine in Africa, the near-collapse of the US and Eurozone economies, the terrorist assault on Norway to name but a few causes of despair - which means that those with the most to hide in the current Murdochaplyse unravelling are attempting to raise people's eyes from the cesspit.

Perspective is obviously important, but the slow-burn arrogance and apparent lies fed to the Culture Select Committee in "evidence" by those at the centre of News International's currently-exposed criminality, and the extent to which this demonstrates that the market-based capitalist greed and supra-legal delusion continues to hold the Tories in thrall remains critical to democracy, and the ability to respond to the global challenges.

Murdoch's press has been the predominant acolyte of neo-con idol-worship in Britain, and, presumably, beyond.  The damage that this has done to social and international cohesion, through demeaning debate and the xenophobic imperative that puts the problems of "the other" below celebrity tittle-tattle, is only just becoming clear.  The attempts to place the behaviour of the plutocracy beyond the reach of national or international law are egregious, and they link through to the economic paralysis and the failure to address sustainable development throughout the world.

So we shall have to go on pulling the layers of cant and spin off the media machines - and not just Murdoch's.  The cauterising of the corporatist wound will take time, and the central nature of the corruption of institutions, the contempt and the willingness to become the lick-spittles of parasites on the part of senior Tory politicians are all priorities for exposure and cleansing.  Citizens have a right to government by consent, and the Murdoch issue demonstrates just how much further we have to go before we even have a sniff of it.

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