Sunday, 17 July 2011

Melanie Phillips and Rupert Murdoch - the truth

We live in a world beyond parody.  My earlier musings on the evil of the "Daily Mail" were a generic piece of authentic disgust at one of the most repugnant manifestations of the petty bourgeois phillistines (a phrase coined by the great Scottish songwriter, Momus) who seem to dictate the agenda beloved of political focus groups.

Living in the end times, one of their prime columnists is Melanie Phillips, whose main claim to fame is that she has recanted any connection with the rational world, and now spews out filthy invective at anybody who is:
  • left-of-centre;
  • homosexual;
  • non-British;
  • receiving welfare benefits;
  • of an IQ greater than her shoe size (in UK measures);
  • intellectual;
  • interested in politics, culture and the world around them;
  • sceptical of being told what is good for them;
  • even remotely critical of the Zionist position; 
  • and on infinitum...
Mel also appears from time to time on Question Time, being the surest determinant that intelligent people will reach for the off-switch, and the Moral Maze (which since her grasp of morality is about that of an amoeba with learning difficulties is somewhat peculiar) - both of which appear to be produced by the BBC.

Tomorrow (Monday), the fatuous windbag has a column in the "Daily Mail" attacking Mister Ed for calling for the break-up of Murdoch's empire while not turning his guns on the BBC which should be broken up.  I would quite happily see such an event if that involved any of her broadcasts being confined to dissemination within a disused coal mine in South Wales, but this is the kind of cretinous crap that she comes out with to get her fellow droolers nodding their heads in comic unison about the evils of the leftist conspiracy that has taken over the world.

According to her, the BBC is gloating about the News International debacle, and pushing out all other news to one side.  This might be the case, but with the speed of the unravelling of the conspiracy, and the tentacles spreading beyond the media to the police, politicians and the governance of this country it is really quite important, and I suspect that most people would actually want their news from an organisation which, however feebly and imperfectly, has a charter for editorial impartiality rather than the craven dribblings of proto-Fascist scum who infest Paul Dacre's parody of "Der Sturmer". 

Since the delusions of Phillips are so egregious, so hilarious and so unbelievably deranged I can only postulate two possible explanations.

The first is that she does not actually exist, and is a parody created by a combination of Tariq Ali, Craig Brown and a number of other satirists.  Nobody sane could hold her views, so this wins around 30% probability.

The second is that she is so eye-poppingly delusional that she thinks that with Brooks potentially facing time enjoying the prisons that the right-wing consider to be so cushy, the lovely Mel can buy a red fright-wig and fill the space in dear old Rupert's heart so cruelly vacated by the conspiracy of left-wing, humanist, tree-hugging Muslim activists who have brought the neo-con delusion so close to the edge.

Truly she must live in Dagenham - four stops beyond Barking.

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