Saturday, 16 July 2011

A calling to ordure - or the "Daily Mail" story

As the unravelling continues, the opportunities to settle scores with the enemies of enlightenment continue to multiply.  Impossible though it seems, the dethroning of the News Corporation toads may yet occur.  However, by focusing on the evils of one media empire, the tactics of much of the remaining ownerships are clearly aimed at ensuring that their own murkiness is left unprobed for a while longer.

The "Guardian" has had a good campaign to date, and is probably the least prone to upset (witness the facile maunderings of the Scum over its Brown revelations and the extent to which the "News of the World" used its police network to downplay the significance of what had been discovered two years ago). 

However, we should only rest easy when the other purveyors of pernicious brainwashing are forced to expose their methodologies to the world.  The sights must be trained on the "Daily Mail", with its obsession with immigrants, its petty-bourgeois intolerance and hatred of anything that might challenge the view that everything has been going downhill since around 1955.  The hysterical fear that is spread by this revolting parody of a newspaper is a Godsend to the Tories, who rely on distrust of "the other" as a means of shepherding the hard of thinking into their clutches.

I am often told that the "Mail" is technically brilliant - but whenever I see a copy it makes me think of the kind of propaganda that the Soviet Union would have rejected as too crude.  It is no defence when it sows such darkness into people's lives - and its veneer of respectability is a cover for a xenophobic, hate-filled agenda that would not have disgraced Goebbels in the 1930s.  The constant desire to do others down, the constant iteration that it's liberals and lefties who have got the country into the mess it perceives, and its distrust of anyone who dares to disagree are legacies that will shape our discourse for years to come.

Hopefully there are plenty of skeletons in its closet to emerge - notably the attempt to smear Nick Clegg for a realpolitik analysis of European geopolitics before the 2010 election - and indeed its constant attacks on the BBC.  The paper may look respectable, but it is sick to the core and its values should be held up to the same scrutiny that it applies to those it doesn't like.  In the meantime, wash your hands if you come into contact with it.

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