Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The unelectable in pursuit of the unspeakable

We now have a new-model Deputy Prime Minister - clearly Lapdog Clegg has lost its lustre, even though the media and the Tories are doing their best to ensure that his position is retained by default (the monstering of Chris "He's Not The Messiah" Huhne is a prime example) recognising that the Liberal position is fatally compromised by his continued baleful presence.  In the last 24 hours we have had fighting talk from Pitbull Nick on the NHS and even on Lords reform.

The former is interesting, given the tendency of Cameron to go back on Tory message whenever he can see a chance of giving his mates a slice of taxpayers' flesh through privatisation and outsourcing.  Perhaps this is deliberate news-mongering or even an unexpected conversion back to the social liberal tendencies that he claimed when he was seeking endorsement as leader.

The House of Lords is an anachronism in any terms - and it is highly amusing now to watch various Labour luminaries engaging in flexible posturing because the government is floating ideas.  Typical that the self-interest of a nominated chamber is taking precedence over even a small step towards eliminating a key democratic deficit and potentially paving the way towards at least some measure of accountability in Westminster.  Clegg will be damned on all sides for either letting the side down (Westminster Old Boys don't undermine the vested class interest, now do they?) or not going far enough.  For once this can be watched - with suspicion but without immediate condemnation.

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