Thursday, 5 May 2011

Now wash your hands

Now that the campaigning is over, and the result not yet known, it is still perfectly legitimate to call out the obnoxious, mendacious toads of the "No" campaign.  The backing that Cameron, Osborne and his merry henchmen gave it, including the gratuitous smearing of the Liberal Democrats, and the lies peddled by such luminaries as David Blunkett, John Reid and "Lord" Prescott were matched only by their contempt for the electorate.  No wonder they shared a policy position with Nick Griffin.

If the forces of darkness prevail, then the only realistic response is to shrug one's shoulders, and get on with fighting for genuine electoral reform, along with a toppling of the regime that permits the unchallenged abuse of the media with lying drivel, the monarchist fiction and the perpetuation of the notion of deference to the very "professional" class that is making a systematic job of screwing up public services, the economy and the liberty of the citizen.  The wind may be sowed by Cameron, but he will reap the whirlwind.  The scum will rise to the surface and be removed by whatever means are legal and necessary.

Labour will rue the day that it rejected gradualism and allowed tribalist dinosaurs to rule the roost.  The gerrymandered constituency boundaries will make some form of electoral understanding necessary to ensure that the Tories don't go unchallenged; whether this can be done within existing aligments or a Popular Front ranging from Nationalists, through Greens and Labour to the more sensible parts of the Liberal Democrats remains to be seen.

Hopefully the momentum will continue to a point where Reform goes hand in hand with progressive politics.  The lessons of British history is that it may take some time, but the argument for democracy and accountability won't be lost.  The old bigot tendency will try to bury the issue, but by fighting AV, a modest proposal and one which did not upset the existing applecart, they will make sure that the next assault on the citadels will be on a much broader front.


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