Monday, 11 April 2011

The inept leading the partisan

When any government wants to appear to do something, it tends to appoint an enquiry.  This can be dressed up as a review, or a study, or anything else that means that a Minister can safely ignore the findings if they don't like them.  For once, my sympathy is with the Ministers.

Most of these reviews are led by tuft-hunters, superannuated from other and more potentially damaging contributions to the wealth or happiness of the polity.  They seem to be routes to peerages rather than a genuine attempt to add to the stock of national sagacity.  A minor title here, and a greasing-up there, preferably with a track record of not doing very much tends to mean that government gets advised by "the right sort of chap" rather than a razor-sharp expert. 

This does mean that an intelligent politician, backed by a Special Adviser or two with a Malcolm Tucker tendency, can turn round and provide some good Anglo-Saxon epithets. One can but hope.

In around a month's time, I shall provide some more specific examples of this.  Suffice it to say that I don't suffer other pompous nincompoops gladly, and whistle-blowing could turn into an immense pleasure.

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