Monday, 25 April 2011

In defence of the public realm

You can always tell you're in the United Kingdom - you don't own anything...  Everything is sponsored - even down to public spaces and utilities.  Find yourself in London and the Parisian bike scheme is sponsored by one of the few banks not to be owned by the taxpayer.  There is branding everywhere, and it's easy to consider that any area owned collectively is ripe for the chop.

The assault on liberal values in education is echoed by this creeping privatisation.  Areas of instrinsic social capital, be they libraries, museums or arts venues, are now required to perform acts of intellectual prostitution to secure future funding.  If the benefits can't be quantified, then they can at least be a tax-loss.  The idea that a good society would provide such facilities for the greater edification of its citizenry is anathema to the backwoods philistines who dominate the political area nationally and locally.

Destroying social infrastructure is blamed on the "cuts", but it won't be rebuilt afterwards.

Another great piece of our neo-Tory tapestry.  Probably spray-painted.

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