Friday, 29 April 2011

Hypocritical scum - part one

Whenever you think that the intellectual septic tank that is the mind of the Tory grandee has been emptied, something like this comes along:

Note that the idiot in question doesn't want to be identified.  Quite content with being elected by a minority on a less-than-full turnout, this backbencher's reasoning is so skewed that you have to wonder at what stage in his or her putrid, pointless existence what passed for brain-stem activity ceased.

If people can't be bothered to vote, then they get the result that those who can make the effort determine.  It's called apathy, and a perfectly legitimate response.  I don't expect that this cretin would regard the result as illegitimate if it was "no" on a 20% turnout.

If they weren't hiding behind a cloak of anonymity, intellectually-based bombardment of all channels of correspondence would be warranted. I shall certainly add this to the list of offensive idiocy from politicians.

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