Friday, 15 April 2011

How low can you croak?

I read that my prototypical Tory, Brian Coleman, is now jumping on the Zionist bandwagon as he has clearly decided that a retreat into fantasy-land will give a slight boost to this electoral chances - the miserable toad's demeanour is generally designed to alienate the normal, well-adjusted and generally sane.  Quite apart from being part of a Council group in Barnet that has just abandoned all attempts at local democratic engagement (to support the Pumpkin Pickles's localism agenda) and described concerned residents as "rabble" for protesting about the issue below, he is now playing the anti-Semitic card.

As usual, murky politics in London takes a bit of unravelling.  There is some land on the fringes of Barnet and Haringey that has been earmarked for an "eco park".  Sounds wonderful - but in the world of GLA Tory Newspeak this actually means one of the largest rubbish incinerators the capital has ever seen (Hindu-style self-immolation is probably too much to hope for). 

One of the contractors involved is Veolia - a French-based firm that is involved in outsourcing everything from bin-emptying to buses.  Veolia also have interests in the Occupied Terrirories - ergo anyone criticising the entire Pinkham Way project is anti-Semitic.  Somebody needs to explain to the Methodist-almshouse-dwelling amphibian the difference between criticising the actions of the Israeli state and anti-Semitism, but this may take words of more than one syllable and be a little bit complicated as it involves concepts beyond the Sun King's concepts of absolute monarchy and identification with the state.

Ironically, for those who like this sort of thing, Barnet Council discussed the issue earlier this week and determined that it was "too early" for protesters to raise concern - the "rabble" aforementioned - but were very concerned to use the occupation of Said Gadaffi's London pad as an excuse for an attack on squatting.  Clearly it's perfectly legitimate for the Israelis (beloved of Brian) to occupy land that isn't theirs, but a protest against a dictator's pad in Barnet is not.

This could be Nye Bevan moment of the week, if not the month.

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