Thursday, 14 April 2011

Great alliances that never were

I was reading an extremely self-serving interview with Niall Ferguson in the Guardian the other day, proving that the paper remains the middle-class guilt-sheet of choice by my continued purchase thereof.

Reading about the publicity-hungry, moderately telegenic but lumpenly paternalist's travails and dislike for Britain and Europe, along with reactionary platitudes and the slightly less relevant details of his amatory exploits, made me realise that the perfect alliance he could have formed would have been with Melanie Phillips, the well-known rent-a-gob from the Daily Mail, the BBC and sundry media outlets, given the spew that emanates from her.  The combination of Ferguson's genuine scholarliness and Phillips's ability to cant at will would have produced progeny that could have taken over the world.

Or is this the stuff of nightmares?

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