Sunday, 3 April 2011

Fellow-travellers don't deserve an apology

One of the constant amusements of the post-Coalition world has been the realisation that at least some Lib Dem "supporters" who are now most vociferous in their oppostion are just those who have suffered an alarming form of projection.

For them, the Liberal Democrats were a convenient, conscience-free repository of their gripes with Labour - be it illegal wars or tuition fees.  Voting for the Liberals was seen as an easy salve as the party was seen as basically a nicer version of their own natural home, and they would naturally come to realise that the only way in which they would retain support was through a hydra-like embracing by the vestiges of the social democratic tradition.  Naturally this was utter b*ll*cks but this hasn't stopped them blaming everything on the electoral arithmetic and the anal nature of the average Labour tribalist.

Casting one's mind back to May 2010 Labour's revisionists are conveniently air-brushing the attitude of such luminaries as David Blunkett and John Reid out of the historical construct.  Any efforts made by the ex-SDP contingent and the managerialist centre to construct a fragile Commons alliance would have foundered on the reality of Labour's response to take its ball home and therefore, as a result of the failure to introduce even a minor electoral reform in three terms, there was only one realistic option open to Liberals.

This does not excuse everything that the Government has done and will do, but I am starting to enjoy reminding these rather pathetic individuals that Liberalism is a distinct ideology, and the role of the party was not to allow them to be anti-Tory while "punishing" Labour.  It didn't work, and won't work.

Next up, the Tories.

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